Robert fulton

Robert Fulton & The Steamboat

  • Born

    Robert Fulton was born on a farm in Little Britian, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on November 14 in 1765.
  • Steamboat Invented

    Steamboat Invented
    On August 17, 1807, Robert Fulton's "Clermont" was fully constructed and ventured out on its first voyage from its construction site, New York City up the Hudson river to Albany. It wasn't the very first steamboat built, but it was the first to become a practical, financial, and commercially successful steamboat. The reason the steamboat was built was to transport goods and people easier, and upstream.
  • Death

    Robert Fulton died on Februrary 14th, 1815 at the age of 49 in New York City.
  • Dubuque Steamboat

    Dubuque Steamboat
    Built in 1867 at Wheeling, Virginia. Finished at Pittsburgh, complete with a wood hull.
  • Belle Of Calhoun Steamboat

    Belle Of Calhoun Steamboat
    Built in St. Louis, Missouri. Completed at the St. Louis wharf, with a wooden hull.
  • Modern Day Mississippi Queen Steamboat

    Modern Day Mississippi Queen Steamboat
    Modern day paddle-steamboat, the Mississippi Queen, is 382 feet long, 68 feet wide and has a height of 71 feet. It can hold a maximum of 422 passengers. The Mississippi Queen discontinued its cruising in 2008.