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Rob Gronkowski

  • First Event

    First Event
    Born on May 14 1989
  • Second Event

    Attended Williamsville North High School and played tight end for three years and then moved to Allegheny county, Pennsylvania and attended Woodlands Hill High School
  • Third Event

    Attended college at the University of Arizona
  • Fifth Event

    Fifth Event
    Signed a four year contract with the New England Patriots
  • Fourth Event

    Fourth Event
    Drafted by the New England Patriots in the second round as the forty- second pick
  • Sixth Event

    Broke a record for most touchdowns scored in a single season
  • Seventhth Event

    Seventhth Event
    Became the youngest player for 3 touchdown receptions in a game
  • Eighth Event

    Became the first tight end to lead the league with the most receiving touchdowns
  • Ninth Event

    Earned highest receiving yards per game average for all tight ends
  • Tenth Event

    Signed a six year contract with the New England Patriots