Roanoke the Lost Colony

  • Getting Permisson.

    Getting Permisson.
    Sir Walter Raleigh recieves patent from Queen Elizabeth to colonize in new world.
  • English Expidition

    English Expidition
    Captain Amadas and Arthur Barlowe went on an English exploratory expedition to new world. They reached the Outer Banks and explored Roanoke Islands.
  • Arrival

    The colonists arrive at Roanoke.
  • Silver Cup

    Silver Cup
    English burned a Secotan village cause they stole a silver cup. This is an example of how the English did not get along with the other people already on Roanoke.
  • Indian Attack

    Indian Attack
    There was an Indian attack planned. The attack was led in the mainland coastal village of Roanoke. The surviving colonist departed to England in such a hurry, they left behind 3 men.
  • Second Try

    Second Try
    John White's second try to start a colony in Roanoke. 150 other people went with him.
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    Spanish Armada attacks England, delaying John Whites return to Roanoke.
  • Virginia Colony

    Virginia Colony
    In Portsmouth, England, John White along with 3 ships and 2 small boats set sail for the Virginia Colony..
  • Disappearance

    Sir Walter Raleigh returned to Roanoke and discovered that all the people were missing. He found the letters "C R O" carved into a post. He thought "CRO" was shprt for Croatoan which was in Indian tribe that lived close by.
  • John White returns to England

    John White returns to England
    Unable to find any one in the colony, John White returns to England for good.
  • New Colony

    New Colony
    Jamestown was founded. This was the first permanate English settlement.
  • Plymouth Rock

    Plymouth Rock
    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.