Independence signing

Road to Revolutionary Timeline

  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    The british parliament passed a new version of the sugar molasses act of 1733 which was soon to expire. This act forced the colonists to pay 6 pense for every gallon of imported molasses.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    A tax was placed on every printed piece of paper used by the colonists. Such as legal documents, newspapers, even playing cards. This tax was set in place by the british to help pay the cost of paying and defending the american frontier ( Appalachian mountains ).
  • Townshend Act

    The parliament placed a tax on glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, and tea. This tax was placed to administrate the colonies.
  • Intolerable Act

    March 5th was actually the date the intolerable acts were repealed. There is no date which the acts were passed but it was sometime in 1770. These acts were several punative acts aimed to bring the colonies back into submission of the British,
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    This event killed 5 colonists and wounded 5 others. Also thought to be known as the bloody massacre, colonists were throwing snowballs at the British soldiers and insulting them, they became fed up and began to open fire into a crowd of about 400 colonists.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Colonists dressed as Natives went aboard a british ship docked in the Boston harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea into the sea below. This was the colonists way of protesting the stamp act.
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Described as the opening of the revolutionary war, this was fought between the British and the Colonists. British captured colonial leaders Sam Adams, and John Hancock.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill
    Following the battle of Lexington and Concord this was the first time the Colonists defeated the British. This boosted the confidence of the colonists.
  • Common Sense

    Written by Thomas Paine, this novel argues American Independence in honest detail.
  • The Decleration of Independence

    The Decleration of Independence
    56 delegates formed together and signed a treetee written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the Independence of the 13 states of America.
  • Battle of Trenton

    The colonists snuck in on the Hessians in the dark of the night and attacked them while they were drunken or hungover. The colonists defeated the Hessians and marched out of Trenton with their first Hessian defeat.
  • Battle of Ticonderoga

    Battle of Ticonderoga
    Fought between the Colonists, Hessians, and Brunswick troops, the Americans withdrew (surendered) leaving the win to the British.