Road to Independence

  • Battles of Bunker Hill

    Fought on Breed's Hill.
    "Don't Fire until you see the whites of their eyed"-William Perscott.
    BRITISH Victory ( Americans ran out of ammunition ) British learn defeating Americans would NOT be easy.
  • 1st Continental Congress Meets

    All Colonies but g=Georgia send representatives
    Voted to send "Statement of Grievences"
    Voted to Boycott all British Trade
    Patrick Henry Rep from VA urged colonists to unite against the British
  • Battles of Lexington & Concord

    Battle of Lexington-
    - 1st battle of the American Revolutionary war.
    - ''Shot heard round the world'' -Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    Battle of Concord-
    - Americans Stop British and force them to retreat back to Boston.
    -AMERICAN Victory.
  • Capture of Fort Ticanderoga

    Benedict Arnold & Ethan Allen capture the fort.
    Get all supplies in the fort including cannons.
    AMERICAN Victory.
  • Second Continental Congress meet.

    Print $$$$
    Set up post office
    Created Continental Army led by George Washington.
    Sent Olive Branch asking King to protect their rights.
    - King hires 30,000 Hessians Soldiers in response.
  • Washington arrives on outskirts of Boston with Continental troops

    Realizes men are disorganized & need discipline.
    Need weapons.
  • The Declaration of Independence is signed!

    Happy new year