Road To Independence

  • first continental congress meets

    all colonies but georgia has representatives voted to send a stateement of gepresens
    voted to to boycott all british trade patrick henry-va rep. urged colonists to unite agaitain
  • 1,000's of redcoats in boston

    general gage brings thousands of british soldiers to boston with more on the way
  • midnight ride of paul revere

    paul revere rides to warn the sons of liberty in lexingon and concord that the british are coming...
  • battles of lexington a concord

    battle of lexington- 1 battle of american revolutionary war -shot h
  • capture of fort ticonderoga

    benedict arnold a ethan allen capture, fought on breed's hill bon't fire until you see the wheir eyes '- william prescott
  • second continental congress meet

    print set up post office created continental army led by george washington sent olive branch asking king to protect their rights-
  • battle of bunker hill

    fought on breed hill Don fire until you see the whites of their eyes-william prescott
  • washington arrives on outskirts of boston with continental

    realizes men are disorganized a need discipline need weapons