rise of nazism

  • Enabling Bill 1876

  • Beer Hall Putsch 1923

    With help from the Mein Kampf HItler got the attention from his citizens
  • Mein Kampf 1925

    This was an autobiography about Adolf hitleres life. Meain Kampf means "My struggle" and with this book he raised a lot of money
  • Hitler joins the Nazi party 1919

    When HItler joined the Nazi party, it gave him him the ultimate power
  • Great Depression 1925 -1941

    The Great Depression was a recession in the economy. Everyone needed help and the Nazi's made themselves look good, this made the German people want to join
  • Signing of the Treaty of Versaille 1919

    This was bad for the germans. Hitler promised to make things better if you decided to join them
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor 1934

    When HItler became a chancelor he could control everything and he gets to do what ever he wants