Rise of Hitler

  • Hitler Fights in World War I

    Hitler Fights in World War I
    He fought From 1913 to 1919. He was promoted to the rank of corporal. He was very committed to fighting the war and was wounded a couple of times. He received medals after the war ended.
  • Period: to

    Hitler fights in the first World War

  • Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles

    Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles
    Signing this treaty ended Germany's involvment in World War I. The treaty gave Germany a number of harsh penalties and restrictions that contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler.
  • Nazi Party is formed

    Nazi Party is formed
    The Nazi Party was formed in 1919 and faded in 1945.
    The Nazi party was originally called The National Socialist German Workers' up until 1920. Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckhart and Gottfried Feder formed the Nazi Party.
  • Hitler Becomes leader of the Nazi Party

    Hitler Becomes leader of the Nazi Party
    Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party and won with 543 votes, and only one against. On the gathering of July 29, 1921, Adolf Hitler was introduced as Führer of the Nazi Party, marking the first time that title was publicly used to address him.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Beer Hall Putsch
    Also known as the Munich Putsch. It was a failed attempt at a revolution when the Nazi Party unsuccessfully tried to take power in Munich, Bavaria, and Germany.
  • Hitler is tried for Treason

    Hitler is tried for Treason
    Hitler was arrested on november 11th, 1923. He was tried in the Special Peoples Court in Munich. He was accused of treason and his first trial began on february 26th, 1924. On April 1st, 1924 Hitler was sentanced to 5 years in prison at Landsberg Prison.
  • Mein Kampf is written

    Mein Kampf is written
    This book was written by Adolf Hitler while in prison for political crimes. This book talks about his life and political views. He says that Communism and Judaism are evil.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The stock market crash of 1929 was the most devasting crash in the history of the U.S. It was also known as the "Great Crash". It marked the beginning of the "Great Depression".
  • Voted Chancellor of Germany

    Voted Chancellor of Germany
    30 January 1933 – 30 April 1945. The 1932 election resulted in Hitler's National Socialist Party becoming Germany's biggest political party. Because of the victory, Hitler demanded that President Hindenburg make him Channcellor and put him in total control of the state.
  • The Reichstag building burns

    The Reichstag building burns
    The Reichstag Building was set on fire. This was an arson attack. The event was seen as vital in the system of Nazi Germany. When he saw the building was on fire he immediatly blamed the Communists. Hitler called it a "sign from heaven". Hitler thought that this was the beginning of a Communist revolt. Really the Nazi were responsible for burning the building.
  • Nazi's is elect to Reichstag

    Nazi's is elect to Reichstag
    On March 5th 1933 the last elections were held. Hitler won with the Nazis with 44 percent of the total vote, 17, 277,180. The Center Party got over four million and the Social Democrats over seven million. The Communists lost votes and still got over four million.
  • Period: to

    Hitler Becomes Dictator of Germany

    Two weeks after the Reichstag Fire, Hitler asked the Reichstag to temporally give him power so he can deal with the crisis. He wins the vote with two-third majority. On may 23 1933 the Enabling act made Hitler dictator.