Rifka Timeline

  • Getting on the train

    Rifka, her parents, and her two older brothers went on a train to Poland. Nathan returned from the army to warn his brohter. Rifka had to pretend she was not a jew to save her family from going back to Berdichev.
  • Period: to

    Rifka's Journey

  • Entering poland

    Rifka and her family enter poland. Rifka is sick
  • Sickness

    Rifka finds out she has Typhus. Her parents and Nathan got it too and were sent to the hospital for their sickness was much worse than Rifka's.
  • Rifka see's her mom

    Rifka kept on going to the hospital where her mom was and getting in trouble. All she wanted to do was make sure she wasn't dead. One day a doctor let her see her and Rifka talked to her all day.
  • On the train to Warsaw

    Rifka and her family are on the train to Warsaw. Rifka goes for a walk on the train and makes this sixteen year old girl's hair nice, The girl has ring worm and is dirty. Rifka groes bored of being on the train for a while.
  • In Warsaw, Poland

    Rifka caught ring worm from the sixteen year old on the train. She is not able to go to America with her family. RIfka is feeling guilty for spending all of her family's food money on a rude old man for one orange.
  • Breaking news

    A lady form the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) came to tell Rifka and her family that rifka must stay in Belgium with a different family while she is cured. When she is better she will be sent to Americe with the rest of her family.
  • In Antwerp

    Rifka is having an okay time in Antwerp. She is living in a nice house with nice people and a nice doctor.
  • Still in Antwerp

    Rifka is bald and is missing her family lots. She gets a little more and explores.
  • Life In Antwerp

    Rifka tries new food.
  • Rifka is going to America!

    Rifka's ringworm is finally treated and she is able to go to America. She gets a ticket to board a ship.
  • On the ship

    Rifka is having a good time on the ship. She meets a sailor Pieter and they kiss, They spend a lot of time together.
  • Atlantic ocean

  • Entering New York Harbor

  • Ellis Island

    In ellis Island Rifka recieves news regarding her to be not sent to America. They won't send her because she has no hair and are afraid she will never find a husband when she grows old and the government will have to take care of her.
  • IN ellis Island

    Rifka meets new people and takes care of a little Russian peasant and a Polish baby
  • Saul visits

    Rifka's older brother Saul visits her. He tells her all about what's going on.
  • Mama visits

    Mama visits Rifka. Rifka shows her around and tells her stuff thats happend to her. Rifka starts to get more concerned anout Ilya, the polish boy.
  • Paper

    Rifka gets upset at Ilya because wasted some toilet paper. She relizes after that paper isn't as precious in America as it is in Russia.
  • Decisions

    The little Polish baby Rifka loved and took care of died. Mr. Fargate decides tomorrow if rifka will go to america or not. Rifka's ringworm is starting to come back
  • Last Letter

    Rifka and Ilya are both accepted into America. It turns out what rifka thought was ringworm was acctually hair! They both got in with a lot of help from the pushkin. Ilya read a poem from the pushkin and he read for rifka, rifka's poem she had wrote. Rifka will send the letters and pushkin to Tovah now.