Rick Astley timeline

  • Rick is born

    Rick is born
    More on Lancashire
    Born in Lancashire, England, he was the fourth child in his family.
  • In the U.K. the divorce reform act is passed

    href='http://www.rsrevision.com/GCSE/christian_perspectives/relationships/divorce/law.htm' >The act, and further legeslation</a> This may just be a coincidence, but after this is passed divorces rise to over 100,000 for the first time in Brittian
  • Ricks parents are divorced

    Age: 5
    After Rick's parents are divorced he is raised by his Father, but shares his mothers love for music.
  • RIck begins to sing in his church choir

    RIck begins to sing in his church choir
    Age: 7
    This is the first time he gets to express his love of music, without this he may never have gotten into the buseness at all.
  • The prevention of terrorism act is passed

    Age: 8
    href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_of_Terrorism_Act_(Northern_Ireland)' >more on the prevention of terrorism act</a>
    Through the year there had been many bombings all through the country, and to a kid of 9 this would have been terrifying. This may have provided some comfort that the government was doing something.
  • The U.S. Bicentennial

    The U.S. Bicentennial
    Age: 10
    This marks two hundred years since the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a huge event, it started the downfall of not just British colonialism, but colonialism in general. This may easily have had some effect on Rick.
  • John Lennon is shot dead in New York

    John Lennon is shot dead in New York
    Age: 14
    to the John Lennon website
    Lennon may have been an inspiriation to Astley, he most likely enjoyed his music for many years.
  • Queen's "Greatest Hits" released

    Queen's "Greatest Hits" released
    Age: 15
    This would go on to become the greatest selling album of all time, and could poossible have inspired Rick as he always had a love of music.
  • The Falklands war begins

    The Falklands war begins
    Age: 16
    More on the falklands war
    War has a way of shaping peoples lives, I don't remember a time where we have not had troops deployed somewhere. This could have contributed to a sense of patriotism, or national pride.
  • The Compact Disk goes on sale in the U.K.

    The Compact Disk goes on sale in the U.K.
    Age: 17
    This would be the medium for the majority of Ricks music until his early retirement. It allowed fo the much more convenient storage of music than cassette tapes.
  • Rick begins playing Drums in a local band

    Rick begins playing Drums in a local band
    Age: 18
    This was the first time he was able to gain any recognition in the music business, the band was known locally, and won a few local competitions. (I believe he is the second from the left)
  • "Never Gonna Give You Up" is released

    "Never Gonna Give You Up" is released
    Age: 21
    The music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" The song was his first solo single, hit the top of the charts in 24 countries world wide, and stayed there for over five weeks.