Rhode Island Timeline

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In History
  • Rhode Island was Founded

    Providence was founded as Rhode Island settlement by Roger Williams
  • Samuel Gorton founded Shawomet

    Samuel Gorton founded Shawmet, Rhode Islands fourth settlement. The town was named Warwick a few years later in honor of the Earl of Warwick
  • Seal of Colony

    Seal of Colony "Mattoe Rhode Island and Providence, with the word HOPE over the head of anker.
  • The Battle of the Narraganset

    The decisive battle in King Philip's War was fought against the Narraganset.
  • Declared its Independance

    The colony declared its independence
  • Evacuated by British

    British forces evacuated Rhode Island in October of the Revolutionary War
  • Emancipation act passed

    Emancipation act passed providing for gradual abolition of slavery. All children after March 1, 1784 were free
  • Rhode Island being tollerant

    Rhode Island has been very tollerant of different from its statehood
  • Refused to Participate

    Rhode Island refused to participate in the war of 1812
  • Flag Established

    State flag established