Revolutionary war Timeline

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  • Lexington

    Lexing were the first military combated of the American revolutionary war.Lexington was the town that the military fought at.It was a war where eight minutemen got killed.
  • Concord

    Concord was were the british had to march on. In concord there were weapon at their arsenal.Therefor they had no weapons where they were at.Meaning that many of the british troops died.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    Colonist did not start shooting until almost the end.Therefore they had lost 450 men.Taking it to be the deadliest war.
  • Trenton

    The british gathered up and on September.Trenton capture the capital of Philadelphia.
  • New York

    New York
    British attempted to take New York.British people went into New York with about 32,000 soldiers.They took german soldiers because they already had experience from the German Region of Hesse.
  • Saratoga

    American troops surrendered at Saratoga.The surrendered at Saratoga was the most important event of the war.Saratoga actually won the victory
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Washington and continental army were low of food supplies.They had to fight in order to stay alive in the camp at Valley Forge.At Valley Forge thousands of people died.
  • Marquis De Lafayette

    Marquis De Lafayette
    There was a captain and a drill master to train the continental army.Marquis De Lafayette was a guy who went to help the military.The help Lafayette gave actually helped them and having an effecting force.
  • Philadelphia

    Morris and Salomon borrowed credit for money to raised salaries of the army.Their funds were from Quakers and Jews.It was the war where African Americans can fight like any other white.
  • Yorktown

    It was a army that was composed of 7,500 soldiers.Yorktown was where they all camped at.It was where French force defeated British force.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    The Treaty Of Paris was the confirming of the U.S Independence.They set new rules for the new nation.United States a parted away from the Atlantic Ocean,Mississippi river, Canada ,and Florida border.