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Revolutionary war timeline

By 16016
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The boston Massacre started when someone fired into a crowd of people that were rioting and killed five people.
  • The Battle of Alamance

    The Battle of Alamance
    The Battle of Alamance was the final battle of the War of the Regulation, a Regulation, a rebellion in the colonial North Carolina over issues of tacation and local control. In the past, historians considered the battle to the opening of the American Revolution.
  • Gaspee was Set on Fire

    Gaspee was Set on Fire
    This ship was set on fire and burned down because the Rhode Island people were angry at the King for interrupting trade with Narragansett Bay.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This happened because the colonists became angry when they did not remove taxes from the price of tea so the colonists dumped out all the tea and left the boat before they could be captured.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    The Revolution was started at Lexingtonm Massachusetts on April 19th, 1775. The British sent 700 soldiers to destroy guns and ammunition the colonists had stored in the town of Concord.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    The Battle of bunker hill was a long battle for the americans because they were out numbered and they were low a ammunition before it even started. This battle is were the saying "downt shoot tell you see the whites of there eyes" came from. It ment save as much ammunition as you can because we are almost out.
  • Declaration of Independence was Adopted

    Declaration of Independence was Adopted
    The Declaration of Independence Was written by Thomas Jefferson and then adopted by the second continental Congress but was not signed tell early next month. This date is now celabrated by america to remind us of are freedom.
  • Declaration of Independence was Signed

    Declaration of Independence was Signed
    The declaration of independance was signed by 56 men including Gorge Washington Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson and one of the most famous Jhon Hancock. Jhon Hancock signed his name as big as he could. He did this so that the King could read it without useing his glasses.
  • Period: to

    Winter at Valley Forge

  • America and France sign the French Alliance

    America and France sign the French Alliance
    This was a treaty that said if one of the two contries (America or France) were attacked they would give them millitary support. It was signed in france on the date above and was used untill 1800
  • Draw at Battle Monmouth

    Draw at Battle Monmouth
    This battle was fought in Monmouth County, New Jersey where Washington's army attacked the British and they fought till late night and they both held their ground until he vanished at midnight and the battle was called at a draw.
  • Spanish Enter the War

    Spanish Enter the War
    The spanish entered the war for many reasons. A few of the biggest reasons were that they looked at it as a chance to weaken the Great British army with the help from others. Also they had the Bourbon Family Compact and were asked by the French for help.
  • The Battle of Kings Mountain

    The Battle of Kings Mountain
    This battle was fought at Kings hill, South Carolina between the patriots and the Loyalists. The Loyalists told the Patriots to lay down their arms or suffer, but the Patriots still battled and took one more victory for America's Freedom.
  • The Articles of Peace

    The Articles of Peace
    This is when one of the copies of the articles was sent in after months of hard work and debate they go the final copies aproved with Great Brittian, and than Ben Franklin tried for the freedom of more then just North America and asked for Canada's independence but was denied for they were already asking for their own freedom.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    This was a treaty that was signed by King George the third in Peris, France that decared the end of the Revolutionary war. Now that the war for our independance was over we can all be free.