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Revolutionary War Timeline

  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    American "minute men" confronted British soldiers on thier way to capture an American ammuntion supply area (Americans suceeded)
  • Capture of Fort Ticonderoga

    Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
    A small group of Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen attacked the loosely garded Fort Ticonderoga and captured it
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Americans stopped the English twice on their way up the hill but had to retreat because they ran out of amuntion
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    This was the first major loss for the Contenintal Army
  • Battle of Moore`s Creek Bridge

    Patriots blocked an expedition by loyalists and finally confronted them at Moore`s Creek Bridge. They all scattered fairly quickly.
  • America Declares Independence

    America Declares Independence
    America declared independence from England with the Declaration of Independence
  • Battle of Long Island

    Battle of Long Island
    This was the largest battle in the entire war. The Americans were forced to retreat in order to have any chance at winning the war
  • Staten Island Peace Conference

    Staten Island Peace Conference
    Meeting about what to do with the newly declared Americans
  • Battle of White Plains

    British blocked off Washingtons escape route making them retreat further north
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    Americans launched a suprise attack on Hessian soldiers
    Americans gained a much needed win with additional supplies
  • Battle of Oriskany

    Battle of Oriskany
    This was one of the bloodiest battles ever. A small platoon was marching to the coast and was ambushed by Indians and Loyalists
  • Battle of Bennington

    A small group of British were headed to go get supplies in Bennington but Malitia Men were stationed there snd they easily defeated them
  • Battle of Brandywine

    British outflanked Americans and they didnt know until it was to late
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Americans beat the British after two battles
  • Battle of Germantown

    When General Howe split his army Washington attacked it but only one of his flanks stayed and were defeated
  • Franco-American Alliance

    An allaince during the Revolution for France to enter the war
  • Battle of Monmouth

    Battle of Monmouth
    Washington tricked Cornwallis by puting a samll platoon up on a hill and securing more men below. When the British came over the hill the artillary guns blasted them back.
  • Treaty of Aranjuez

    Agreed to fight with France in Revolution
  • Battle of Cape St. Vincent

    Battle of Cape St. Vincent
    Juan de Lángara (Spanish sailor with America) encountered a british fleet of navy ships and tried to make it to safety but was not sucessful
  • Battle of Fort Charlotte

    Americans sailed from New Orleans to Fort Charlotte and defeated the outnumbered British
  • Battle of Mobile

    Spanish held fort was attacked but Brithish were easily defeated
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Battle of Cowpens
    A critical win for the Continental Army for reconquest of the South
  • Siege of Penscola

    Siege of Penscola
    Spanish fought off British for a long win
  • Siege of Yorktown

    Siege of Yorktown
    American and French forces defeated Lord Cornwallis and his army. This was the last major battle of the war
  • Battle of the Saintes

    Battle of the Saintes
    This was a small battle between the French and Royal Navy during the seige of Yorktown. The French were blocking the Royal Navy from entering the harbour so the seige could carry out
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This was a treaty signed by England and The United States ending the Revolutionary War