Revolutionary War Timeline

  • Yorktown

    Name of Battle- Yorktown
    Date of Battle- Sep 28th- Oct 19 1771
    Location of battle- Virginia
    Name of commanders-
    British- Major General Lord Cornell
    American- Washington
    Number of troops involved- 8800 American, 7800 French, 6000 British
    Outcome of Battle- The British marched out and surrendered.
    Historical significance- It ended the revolutionary war.
    Vip- George Washington
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and ConcordDate: April 19th 1775Location: Lexington and Concord Name of commanders-
    British: Lt. Colonel Francis Smith and MARINE MAJOR JOHN PITCAIRN American: John Parker Number of troops involved: 75 minutemen at lexington 1800 British at lexington 200 british at concord 250 minutemen at concord 
Outcome of the battle- Many minutemen killed British retreat at concord Historical significance of Battle: Revolutionary war began. Colonists were successful.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Name of Battle- Battle of Bunker Hill Date of Battle- June 17 1775 Location of Battle- Bunker Hill/Breeds HIllName of commanders- British- Thomas Gage American- William Prescott, Dr. Joseph Warren Number of troops involved- 2400 British 1500 Americans Outcome of Battle- The british took the ground but the also had 1054 casualties, the americans had 450 casualties. Historical significance- Even though they lost it it gave them hope that they could beat the british, they did not ha
  • Battle of Long Island

    Name of Battle- Battle of Long Island
    Date of Battle- Aug 27 1776
    Location of Battle- New York, Long Island
    Name of Commanders-
    Britsh- Major General Lord Howe, General Alexander Russly, General James Grant.
    American- George Washinton and Thomas Holden Number of Troops involved- 20,000 British, 10,000 Americans
    Outcome of Battle- British won which forced colonists to leave.
    Historical Significance. Colonists were defeated and british gained acses to NY.
    Vip- Thomas Molton, George Washington
  • Battle of Harlem Heights

    Name of Battle: Harlem Heights
    Date of Battle: Sep 16 1776
    Location of Battle: Harlem Heights
    Name of Commanders:
    British: General Alexander Lesslie
    American: George Washington, Thomas Holden
    Number of troops involved- British: 5000
    American: 1800
    Outcome of Battle- Americans won and was a moral boost for them, but then they had to withdraw for fear of attack.
    Historical Significance: Gave Americans moral boost.
    Vip- George Washington
  • Trenton and Princeton

    Name of Battle- Trenton and Princeton Date of Battle- December 25th 1776- January 2nd 1777Location of Battle- Trenton Delaware and Princeton New Jersey Name of commanders-
    British- Cornwallis

    American- Washington Number of troops involved- Trenton: 2400 americans, 1400 BritishPrinceton: 6000 Americans, 8000 British Outcome of Battle- Washington captures around 1000 men. Historical Significance- Inspires soldiers to serve longer and attracted new soldiersVip- Dr. John Riker
  • Battle of Saragota

    Name of Battle- Battle of Saratoga Date of Battle- September 18th- October 7th 1777Location of Battle- Saratoga County, NY Name of commanders-British- John Burgoyne American- Horatio Gates Number of troops involved- KIA: British- 440, 685 wounded. POW: British- 6222 KIA: American- 90, 240 wounded Outcome of Battle- Americans winHistorical significance- turning point in revolution Vip- Benedict Arnold leads colonists to victory.
  • Battle of Charleston

    Name of Battle- Battle of Charleston Date of Battle- April 1st 1780Location of Battle- Charleston South Carolina Name of commander:
    British- Lt General Henry Clinton American- Major General Ben Lincoln
    Number of troops involved-14,000 British, 5000 Americans Outcome of Battle- British wonHistorical significance- Biggest lost of troops of any battle in the revolutionary war. Only battle where the whole american army surrendered. Vip- Lt general henry clinton, he captured char
  • Kings Hill

    Name of Battle- Kings Hill Date of Battle- October 7th 1780Location of Battle- nine miles south of present day kings hill north carolina. Name of commanders-British- Patrick fergusonAmerican- James johnston, William Campbell, John Sevier, Joseph McDowell and Issac ShelbyNumber of troops involved- 2000Outcome of Battle- Britain suffered more casualties and prisoners. Historical significance- Gave the patriots a morale boost. Lord cornwallis cancelled his plan to invade North Carolina.