Revolutionary War Timeline

  • Battle at Lexington and Concord

    A battle of the British Military vs. the Massachusetts Militia. This battle was the first one fought in the Revolutionary War. The Location was in Lexington and Concord (around Boston, Massachusetts) The British suffered the loss.
  • George Washington is named commander-in-chief

    George Washington takes the title of "Commander in Chief" and leads the Continential Army throughout the rest of the Revolutionary War.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    A fight/battle that occured in Massaschusetts and was fought between the British and the Americans. This battle ended with the British gaining a victory.
  • Second Continental Congress Meet

    After the Lexington and Concord Battle, 65 delegates from each colony came to discuss current matters.
  • Period: to

    Declaration of Independence

    A document that declared Independence/freedom from England and it mentions the intentions of the colonies.
    July: Declaration is "Adopted"
    Aug.: Delegates sign Declaration
  • Battle of Long Island

    A battle that occured in Staten Island. George Washington had sent 19000 soldiers to Manhattan months before the battle because he was certain an attack would come. In the end, George Washington's preperation did not pay off because the British had won the fight
  • Battle at Trenton

    A battle which inclluded Britan and America fighting each other. America's win was a very important one because they used a tactic that was high risk.
    World Book Online
  • Battle at Princeton

    One of the numerous battles in the Revolutionary War. The battle was fought in Princeton, New Jersy and conflicted between British and Americans. With George Washington's leadership, the Americans claim victory.
  • America Adopts their National Symbol: American Flag

    In May of 1776, Betsy Ross had been sewing a flag for America. June 14 of 1777 was the day that the Continental Congress accepts the finished piece as a symbol of America and the freedom they've been fighting for.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Revolutionary War battle fought between the British & German troops vs. America. America somehow manages to gain another victory. This fight took place at Saratoga, New York (Near the Hudson River)
  • France and America Become Allies

    The French decide to help the American colonies in their fight to break free from England.
  • Battle at Monmouth

    Another Revolutionary War gunfight/battle. This attack included the conflicting sides of England & Germany vs. the American troops and their militia. This took place in New Jersey
  • Treason of Benedict Arnold

    Benedict Arnold, the American General at the time, betrays Ameridca and gives West Point to the British.
  • Articles of Confederation are Ratified

    The first constitution of the United States of America are ratified/approved by congress and each existing state.
  • Period: to

    Battle at Yorktown

    One of the longer battles in the American Revolutionary War. This fight had been fought, England against America and France. The Americans win this battle, ultimately ending the great Revolution.