Revolutionary war

Revolutionary War- Jabriel Belhadj

  • The war moves to the middle states.

    The British retreated from Boston moving the war to the middle states. This is a big part of a plan to stop the rebellion by isolating new england, so the british decied to take new york.
  • Defeat in New York

    Two Brothers, Richard Howe and William Howe team up in stated island to seize New York. They sailed through the hudson river with the largest british expeditionary force every assembled. 3200 soldiers fought agianst the 2300 rebels. They were out numbered and clearly lose the battle.
  • A Turring Point

    Still mad from the loss from british from the French and Indian war, The French had been secretly sending weapons to the patriots since 1776. The victory at Saratoga help boast france's trust in america and deciede to suppot the revolution.
  • Diary entry of the Battle of New York

    When the battle of new york ended, a continental voluteer wrote a diary entry. He wrote about the chaotic event. He said it was complete disater. Muskets flying and his fellow soldiers running all over the place. The whole battle was a complete mess.
  • The Battle Of Trenton

    Washington was determined to set things straight. So on this stormy night, he led 2400 men acrossed the deleware river. By 8 oclock next moring they reached Trenton New Jersey. Due to the fact that the british and hessions were drunk, they caputed most of them. They finally won a battle.
  • Strenght to move on

    Fewer than 8000 men remained under George Washington control and the terms of there enlistment were due by the 31st
  • Battle of Princeton and Morristown

    After the battle of trenton was won, they an great victory over the british stationed at Princetown. Encouraged by these victories, George marched his army to a british based camp near morristown and won to.
  • Fight for Philly

    General Howe began to seize the america capital in philly.
  • Battle of Brandywine Creek

    In the persuit to capture the capital, Howe's troops landed in the chespeake bay. The continental congress fled to not be able to get caught. The continental army tried to stop them at Brandywine creek. They were unsuccessfull and the british caputered philly.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Burgyone Plane was to meet up with Howe troops and to isolate new england from the rest of the war. But He didnt kniw that howe was too busying staying in Philly that he didnt know that he wasnt coming. Massed Patriots surrounded him and he surrendered his army to Horatio Gates.
  • Valley forge

    Valley forge
    Valley forge is a camp just outside Philly. It served as the site for the continental army's camp durring the winter of 1777-1778. It was a hard winte for them. They had to sleep in makeshift huts in the freezing cold. It was the harshist part of the war.
  • Period: to

    Revoultionary war

  • France's Reconition of America's Independence

    The French recognized america's independence and signed an alliance of cooperation with them. One of terms was that France wont make peace with Britian unless they also recognizes there independence too.
  • Allies Can really help!!

    In the middle of winter at Valley Forge, the troops went throught a great transformation. Friedrich Von Steuben a talented drillmaster volutieers his services to George Washington. He began shapeing the troops into well trained soldiers.
  • The British Moves South

    After there lost at Saratoga, they began to rethink their tactics. The moved there operations to the south in hope for the loyalist suppot and help. They hoped to slowly gain the colonies one by one.
  • Britsih Gaining Ground in the South

    They won the battle of Savannh Georgia and took the city.
  • Taking over Georgia

    A British Governor Took control of Georgia.
  • Lafayette Helps Out

    Marqius de lafayette is a young aristocrat and offered his assitance to washington. He joind washington and followed him around.
  • Captured Charles Town

    In the greatest victory in the war they caputered charles town. They marched 5500 american soldiers off as prisoners of war. Heny Cliton Marched back to New York and left Cornwallis to command the british forces in the south.
  • More Troops!!!!

    A french army of 6000 men landed in Newport, Rhode Island after the british left. They stationed a fleet there and had one in the west indies. After news of cornwallis plans, Lafayette suggested that the America and French armies should join forces and attack him a yorktown.
  • New Genral in town!!

    Genral Henry Cliton replace Genral howe in new york. With the help of Genral Cornwallis sailed south with 8500 men.
  • British Gaining Ground and Losing some

    Cornwallis's army smashed america forces at Camden, South Carolina. 3 months later the british established forts across the state. But when they were being greedy and tried to cross into north carolina, the patriots attacked them and they retreated back to south carolina.
  • British lose yet again another battle

    600 troops under the command of general Daniel Morgan were sent to south carolina. Cornwallis sent Lieutenant Banastre Tarleton to chase after them. When They met at cowpens south carolina he though the would run away. No they fought back and the redcoats surrender.
  • Battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina

    Angred over the loss at cowpens, He fought really hard and won. But the battle cost his 1/4 of his men. 963 were killed, over 400 were wounded, and 26 were never found.
  • Need Some Help!!!

    General Greene was worried about the fight that he wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for help. The letter stated that if he can march he with his troops for back up.
  • Finacing the War

    The war has been takeing a toll on the economy. The congress quicky ran out of hard currency. It began to sell bonds to make money to support the war. Also it began to print paper money, called "Continentals". As it keept printing more and more money, the value of it went down. This is called inflation. Then they congress appointed a wealthy philly merchants named Robert Morris as superintendent of finace in 1781. He raised many funds from different sources.
  • Finally Paid Of!!

    Due to The efforts of Robert Morris and his assiant, Salomon, they raised so much money that on september 8, 1781 the troops were finall paid in gold coins.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Lafayette Plans were to caputer cornwallis so 1700 america and french soliders surrounded him at yorktown. For more than 3 weeks, tried and outnumber cornwallies finally surrenderd and raisd the white flag.
  • Won the War!!! :))))

    Won the War!!! :))))
    The america and french armies stood along a road near yorktown in Virginia on this date to witness the formal british surrender. They stood with there head held high. It was a Proud day through out the nation. America has WON and the british surrender. The America Revolution Ended.
  • Accepting their surrender

    Washington, the french generals preapared to accept surrender. One german officer Johanna Ewald journal entry explanes the turn of events. He says that how astonishing the americans are. They were half naked and poorly trained but stuck it out to the end.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The delegates signed the treaty of paris which confirmes The United States Of America's independence and set the bounderies of the new country. It strechted from The alantic ocean to the mississippi river and from canada to florida.