Revolutionary War 1775-81

By Iggyfan
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    General Gage, a british general discovers that the Americans were storing arms and ammunitions in Concord.The battle was fought in Lexington and Concord. The British win the Lexington battle, the Americans win the Concord. After the war, the colonists are forced to choose sides.The picture portrays the Americans and the British fighting at the battle field making history.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga
    The Americans wanted to capture the fort, and tried to take a risk. It was fought at Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain, New York StateThe Americans wins, since we had cannons. Ethan Allen lead the troops. The picture portatrys the Americans using their tactics skillfully to capture the Fort.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    Americans had surrounded Boston, built foton Breed's Hill. It took place on the Charlestown Peninsula on the North side of Boston Harbour.The British won the battle. The battle showed US they can win with more confidence. The picture portrays the Americans getting defeated by the British.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    The Americans tried to get the Canadians on the Patriotic side. Took place in Quebec, Canada. Bennedict Arnold set out for Canda in command of 1000 volunteers including Captain Daniel Morgan.The British found out what they were doing, and drove them out of Canada. The British win, and we loose the Canadians. The picture portrays the two patriots getting shot while the British stop the American plan.
  • British retreat from Boston

    British retreat from Boston
    The Americans beated the British because they thought they needed to take an action befor the British reinforcements returned. Took place in Boston. After the Americans attacked, the British decided to leave Boston and settle for Nova Scotia. The picture portarys the British leaving the U.S.A.
  • New York Campaign

    New York Campaign
    The British were trying to occupy costal cities so that their navy could land troops and supplies. Took place in New Jersey and New York. The British win, and more war started to brake out. Britain keeps New York, and maintains German mercenaries.
    The picture portrays the British coming up with a plan to occupy costal cities.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    George Washington needed to attack quickly because most of his soldiers would leave once their enlistments ended 12/31. They also were trying to suprise Hessians. The battle took place in Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River. The Americans won, and were able to maintain their supplies from the hessians and captured/killed more than 900 of them. The Picture portrays George Washington's victory along with several defeated hessians.
  • Battle of Brandy wine (One of the Philidelphia Campains)

    Battle of Brandy wine (One of the Philidelphia Campains)
    Washington wanted to protect Philidelphia. It was also a part of Britain's stratedgy for winning. It was fought in the area surrounding Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and the Brandywine River. Washington looses, and Philidelphia falls into the hands of the British. The picture portrays the Americans dying to sucseed the battle.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Burgoyne's army was running out of supplies. Americans win the first battle, and again win the second battle that occured in 10/7/1777. Took place in Saratoga on the Hudson River in New York. Americans prevent British from invading US. Other European nations started to help. The possibility of US to win had increased.The picture portrays the Patriots scaring off the British.
  • Battle of Germantown (One of the Philidelphia Campaigns)

    Battle of Germantown (One of the Philidelphia Campaigns)
    Washington tried to take revenge for Brandywhine. General Howe, his opponent's troops were encamped at Germantown so they headed there. Battle took place in germantown rd, Pennsylvania. The British win this battle and still maintains Philidelphia. The picture portrays the Americans left defeated by Britain.
  • Battle of Charlestown

    Battle of Charlestown
    Britain captured Savannah Georgia and were heading down to South Carolina. General Henry Clinton chooses to land his forces thirty miles south of Charleston. Took place in Charlestown, South Carolina. Britain wins, Americans loose a big part of their entire army. The picture portrays Britain's victory with a huge flag.
  • Battle of Camden

    Battle of Camden
    Horatio Gates forms a new southern army and attempted to confront the British. The battle took place in northern Camden, South Carolina. Britain ends up winning. American spirits fall very low. Horatio Gates gets eliminated by Washington. Washington then replaces with Nathanael Greene. The picture portrays the Patriots tyring to win against Britain.
  • Battle of King's Mountain

    Battle of King's Mountain
    The patriots and loyalists were arguing wether they should stay close to England, or support the patriots. Took place in South Carolina. 1,000 loyalists were slaughtered, patriots win. the loyalists now then needed to think deeply on which side they will support. The picture portarays both sides clashing at eachother.
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Battle of Cowpens
    Nathanael attempts totake back territory and challenges British General Cornwallis. Battle took place in the northern border of South Carolina.The Americans win the battle, and the British discovers there are more patriots than loyalists in the south. The Americans learn that they had mastered some battle techniques. The picture portrays the Patriots skillfully fighting against Britain.
    This encouraged the Patriots.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    The Patriots just wanted to end the war. The patriots thought it was their chance to win. Cornwallis was trying to maintain supplies. Washington and French general Rochameau wanted to trap Britain. Takes place in Virginia. Patriots win. Cornwallis surrenders with the force of approximately 8,000 people.The picture portrays the final climax against the two