Revolutionary War

By JLaw310
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    War Timeline

  • Lexington and Concord

    British soldiers planned on capturing Sam Adams and John Hancock at Lexington. Then they wanted to go to Concord to steal gunpowder. The Americans won though because British spies and allies of the Americans told them what was happening. This was the beginning of the Revoluntionary War.
  • Bunker Hill

    Constituted the first major battle of the Revoluntionary War. There were more than 1000 deaths. The British won. It provided encouragement and confidence to the patriots. They also realized that the war will take longer than expected.
  • Dorchester Heights

    George Washington wanted to take Boston back from the British. The Second Continental Congress thought it wouldn't last long. Colonists won at Dorchester Heights. First victory by Washington in the war. Colonists surrounded British with their own cannons. British sailed to Canada to regroup.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Twelve colonies voted in favor of the Delcaration of Independence exculding Georgia. It stated that they were free and independent from the British. The War of Independence was in full swing.
  • Battle of Brooklyn

    Washington was forced to retreat to Pennsylvania. They lost control of New York harbor.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Washington's army crossed the Delaware to attack. 2,400 men crossed to attack. First American victory in the war. It made other countries think that they could fight the British and win. It was in Winter.
  • Battle of Princeton

    Howe sent troops to defeat Washington in Trenton. America won at the last moment forcing the British to draw back to New Brunswick.
  • Battle of Bryndaywine

    Howe's forces attacked the Americans blocking their path to Philadalphia in Bryndaywine. The Americans were able though to extract their army. The British won. The Amerians also lost control of Philadalphia while losing New York.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The British used the divide and conquer method
  • Valley Forge

    The British were secure in Philadalphia and the AMericans settled in Valley Forge. They suffered greatly but also trained to become professional soldiers.
  • Yorktown

    Colonists won and it was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.