Revolutionary war

  • Period: to

    war timeline

  • Bunker hill

    THe british won. The importance of Bunker Hill was that the Patriots fought their hardest and they never gave up
  • Dorchester Heights

    The colinists one the Dorchester heights battle. It was the first victory by Washington in the revolutionary war.
  • Declaration of Independence

  • Battle of long island

    british britsh contoling of the the biggest city and colonie.
  • battle of york town

    The americas won this battle. It was the last battle of the Civil War where the British surrendered to the U.S.
  • treaty of paris

    It officially ended the American Revolution, and Great Britain recognized American independenc.
  • battle of princton

    patriots the first real americas to win
  • valley fordge

    timeperiod between winter and spring, they lost allot of troops