Revolutionary war

By Tbarr
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    War timeline

  • Buncker Hill

    The Battle of bunker hill was on the north side of the boston harbor. The british wanted the fort/hill but the patroits ended up winning the batlle.
  • Lexington+Concord

    The minutemen won the battle even though the britsh pushed them back to concord. The significance of this battle is that the minutemen held the british from taking concrord
  • Dorchester Heights

    General washington had a plan have all the unarmed soldiers fire on british camps in boston will the britsh were distracted on the soldiers firing with musketes. Geneneral Howe left because he did not want to fight the patroits so they left boston.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Is were the patriots became patriots and they sent a letter to the british declaring indepentence.
  • The Battle of long Island

    The british out number the patriots 20000 to 10000 and the winner was the britsh they drove the americans out of Brooklyn and the people had to evacuate.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    On December 26th, Washington's Army crossed the Delaware and surprised the British at Trenton. The main attack was made by 2,400 troops. Washington's troops acheived total surprise and defeated the British forces. The American victory was the first of the war, and helped American think that they could win.
  • Battle of Saratoga

  • Vally Forge

    It was a traing place for the patroits.
  • Yorktown

    There were 7800 french troops that landed and helped take back Yorktown with 8800 patriots.
  • Treaty of paris

    The end of the war between the patroits and the british and said that america was free from the britsh.