Revolutionary War

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    War Timeline

  • Lexington and Concord

    US HistoryThe winners were the colonists.
    The British planned to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock in Lexington and battle the patriots at Concord.
  • Bunker Hill

    British won the battle and the significance was the British captured the pennynsila. Huge casulties on the British. The British attacked first and they were at the bottom and the Patriots ran out of supplies. Learned they needed a lot of supplies.
  • Dorchester Heights

    Patriots won and it was significant because Patriots won without firing a shot. They aligned British cannons up to scare the British off and the Patriots recapture Boston and drive the British off to Canada to regroup.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Twelve colonies voted for the declaration. New York abstained and the War of Independence was in full swing.
  • Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn)

    The winner was the British. The significance was the British drove the patriots out of New York and they took over Long Island.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Wahington's army crossed the Deleware and surprised the British at Trenton. The main attack was made by 2400 troops. The patriots won.
  • Battle of Princeton

    Howe sent troops to stop Washington in Trenton. At the last minute, the Americans won as the British backed away.
  • Battle of Brandywine

    General Howe brought his army South by sea, threatening Philidelphia. The patriots lost, the British won.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    It was the first battle the British actually surrendered and the Americans won.
  • Battle of Valley Forge

    The British were stuck in Philidelphia and the Americans settled for the winter in Valley Forge. It was a rough winter, but the Americans learned how to become real soldiers.
  • Yorktown

    It essentially ended the Revolutionary War because the French helped the Patriots by surrounding the British in Yorktown on land and water. The British were forced to surrender.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris officially ended the war. Ben Franklin and John Adams were some to sign it. Eventually the treaty subsided the fighting allowing America to win the Revolutionary War. Meetings were held in April of 1782 to begin the treaty and continued throughout the year.