revolutionary war

By cooluga
  • Period: to

    revolutionary war

  • lexington and concord

    british victory
    started the revolutionary war
  • bunker hill

    British capture Charlestown peninsula brittish lost alot of people
    winner: Brittish
  • Dorchester hights

    won witthout shooting a shot
    winner: patriots
  • Declaration of independence

  • battle of long island

    brittish victory
    brittish drove patriots out of New York
  • battle of Trenton

    patroit victroy kept the hope of the patriots up
  • Battle of Princeton

    patriot victory
    kept the hope of the patriots up
  • The battle of Brandywine

    loose controle of penselvainya
  • Period: to

    Vally Forge

    traning of the patriot troops
  • Yorktown

    patriot victory
  • Trasty of paris

    the end of the war