revolutionary war

  • Lexington and Concord

    It was the first battle of the Revolutionary war that lasted two days. Its Purpose was to cripple the American Militia.
    Lasted from April 18,1775-April 19,1775
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    It was a small battle between the British and the Colonists. The British won.
  • 2nd Continental Congress and the DOI

    They discussed important issues, such as if we should stay with Britain.
    This Begins the Rebellion
  • The Battle of Princeton

    Princeton, N.J.
    It was another surprise attack on the British by the colonists and the colonists won again while capturing the town and military supplies.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    It was a surprise attack on the British from the colonists. The colonists won and it was a big moral booster for them.
    1st real battle that the Colonists have won
  • The Battla of Saratoga

    Saratoga, N.J.
    Americans were led by Gates, they attacked the British and win.
    This event is important becasue it kept the South connected with the Nourtheast.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge, PA
    Winter 1777-1778
    The soldiers get sick and die of starvation. They dont have good support, and the end up winning.
  • Battle of Vincennes

    Fort Vincennes, Indiana
    Sping of 1778
    It was a battle between the colonists and Britain. The fought for control over the west
  • French Alliance

    Philadelphia and Paris, France.
    America and France sign a treaty of alliance.
  • The battla of Yorktown

    Washington moved the American and French force south. They both wanted Charlston Harbor. The last war for Independence.