Revolutionary War

  • Period: to

    French and indian War

    Cause: The French and Indian war started because of land and fur trade. It had to do with powere over land. The british and france wanted more power over land. They both want the same land. They want more land because of the resources on it. They want religious freedom.
  • Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act was tax on Sugar after the French and Indian war when Britian was in debt. The king thought it would help the debt. They are taxing the colonies. They taxes molasses, coffee, and sugar were all taxed. The effect of this tax was that the colonies got angry and they wanted to get out of British control.
  • Quartering Act

    The cause was colonists were getting angry and british had to send more troops over. The british didn't have enough rooms for the troops. So the colonist had to house the soldiers. They had to give them water, a place to sleep, and food. The effect was the colonists were even more angry with the british. They demanded that the troops leave.
  • Stamp Act

    The stamp act was a way for British to get out of debt. The stamp act was a tax on goods. They taxed legal documents, wills, birth certificates, dice, pamphlets, newspaper, and mail. The effect was the colonists got even more angry with the British. They tried to get rid of it by sending a document to the king to say we want this gone. The colonists started to boycott british goods. They started to smuggle.
  • Declaratory Act

    The british sent over an act that said we own the colonies., we own you, you can't tell us what to do. This was caused by the sugar and stamp acts. The effect was the colonies hated british.
  • Townshend Act

    British taxed glass, silk, tea and paper to get out of debt. This lead to the writs of assistance, where british troops could search and seize they thought were smuggled from different countries. The effect was the colonists signed the nonimportation agreements that said they were not going to import any goods that were taxed by the Townshend Act.
  • Boston Massacre

    The Boaston Massacre was angry colonist mad at troops that were coming into the colonies. People started fighting and yelling at British troops. The colonists threw snowballs at the troops and they got mad. They thought they were being violent so they started firing. 5 colonists died. The colonists were then upset and mad at the british for killing 5 innocent people. effect was the troops were prosocuted, brought to court and found guilty of murder.
  • Gaspee Affair

    The Gaspee was a ship. The captain searched the ships that might have smuggled goods. He is a british guy. The colonists were angry at the British ship so they started to fire at the ship. They blew up the ship. The effect was that they couldn't find the people who did it. The colonists were not telling the British who did it.
  • Tea Act of 1773

    The Tea act was when the British started taxing the tea and the tea makers from India. The tea company was named the Indian Tea Company. The colonists got mad at this and they made a route just to the colonies. The tea company picked just a few people to sell the tea to in the colonies. The effect was the colonists got angry.
  • Tea perty

    parliament passed the Tea act of 1773. Men boarded the ships the began to smath the crates and dump tes into water. $70,000 worth of british. effect was intolerable acts
  • The intolerable acts

    No ship[ could enter or leave the harbor until the colonists could pay off the tea. Town meeting could not meet unless the governor gave permission for the meeting to happen. custom officals and other officals who might be charged with major crimes to be trioed in England instead of Massachusetts.
  • First Continental Congress

    Congress issued a peition to george 111, King of great Britain. called for a new boycott of britsh good. parliament debated the merits of meeting the demands made by the colonies.
  • Lexington anD concord

    the british found out the the colonists were stealing guns from them. The British sent 500 men to steal back the guns> when they got thEre. there were no guns left. 300 minute men caught them on a bridge and started firing. The britsh lost 73 men adn 200 were wounded. This was the start of the war.