Revolutionary war

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    Revolutionary War

  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonists dressed up as indians dumped 342 cartons of tea into the Boston Harbor. This caused the British to get very mad. They closed the harbor and more british troops were brought to Boston. The British created what the colonists called the Intolerable acts. Theese were laws saying that solders had to live in Colonists houses against there will. there were many other laws like this.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Genral Gage decided to take away the colonist's weapons. the weapons were stored 20miles north of boston in Concord. When the colonist found out they sent paulrevere to spread the word. When the British got to the weapons stash they were all gone and about 60 men were in a feild ready to fight the British but they were greatly outnumberd. the British marched on to Lexington where they were met by 1,000 minutemen. The British lost 250 men and the colonists lost less than 100.
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    The Colonists suprised the British in an early morning storm by attacking fort Ticonderoga. The colonists wanted to steal the large weapon stash and the big cannons at the fort. The Colonists attacked and took the fort easily and were surprised at how poorly guarded the fort was.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker hill was a battle mostle on Breeds Hill. The Colonists heard that the British were going to start occupying hills in the boston area. 1,200 colonists were sent to defend the hills and build lite defences on them. Because the Colonists got there first they had the advantage of being up hill. This won the battle for them.
  • Battle of Quebec

    The Battle of Quebeck was very signifigant to the war. Over 500 American soldierd were killed or captured. This was a major loss for the Americans. Also Benedict Arnold was wounded and Mountgummary was killed during the attacks.
  • Declaration of Independance

    This was the most important event of the war. it was so important because it is what let the colonies become a free country. It was sighned on July 4, 1776.
  • Capture of New York

    The americans were positiond on the western end of Long Island waiting for the arival of the British. The Americans got the word that the British were going to cross the river from Straton Island on August 22. This made the Americans retreat and when the British arived they found empty trenches.
  • Battle of Trenton

    A Battle between the Continental Army and Hessian soldiers in Trenton New Jersey. After George Washington crossed the Delaware the Hazardous weather made it possible to put his troops against the Hessians stationd in north Trenton. The Hessians did not have a sentrie but after george washington's army fell asleep half of the 2,400 troops were taken as prisoners. Only a few crossed assunpink crek and escaped.
  • Battle of prince town

    after retreating to the west bank of the delaware river George Washington wanted to try to retake new jersey. in a few days george crossed his troops only to hear that the british had 8,000 heavy artilary troops. also most of the Georges soldiers time was almost out and he had to persude them to stay six more weeks. the americans were heavily out numberd and were forced to retreat back across the delaware.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    the battles of saratoga were fought 18 days apart and on the same land. the first battle happend when genral Burgoyne moved his troops because he thought that the americans could flank him. Benedict arnold was expecting the manuver put large forces in the way even though the british won they sufferd major losses. after the british's big losses in the forst battle they sent troops to make sure the americans wernt planning an attack. later 8,000 american troops beat the 5,000 british troops
  • Battle of Vincennes

    When the Americans were within miles of the British they captured a British mercinary that told them everything they needed to know. Clark, the American genral knew they were outnumbered so he had a plan to make it seem like there were much more than 47 soliers storming the fort. The soliers marched around the for and the Americans sent a flag of truce and asked the British to surrender but he denied. Clark took a tomahawk and killed two indians, this made the British Surrender.
  • Siege of Savannah

    After Savannah Georgia had been captured by the British, the Americans sent troops to try and re capture it. During the battle the American genral was mortally wounded and he died. The Americans lost the battle and the British held Georgia until the end of the war.
  • seige of charlston

    the seige of charlston was important to the war because it was one of the major battles near the end of the war. after six weeks of seige in the southern colonies against the british the continental army surrenderd about 5,000 soldiers to the British. it was the americans biggest loss in the war.
  • Battle of yorktown

    The Battle of Yorktown was a combination of American and French troops. Washington was in control of over 19,000 soldiers. when Washington moved his troops closer the British open fired on the Americans and French but it caused minimal casualties. later the americant overwhelmed the British and the British surrenderd.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris was important because it gave America independance. It made British troops leave but America had to pay all existing debts to Britan from the war this was a very important part of the war because it ended the war and granted the colonie "FREEDOM FOR ALL!"