Civil war batt

Revolutionary War

  • Independence is Wanted

    Independence is Wanted
    The Revolutionary War begins. The Americans start to want independence from England.
  • Midnight Ride

    Midnight Ride
    Paul Revere took place in his Midnight Ride. The Midnight Ride was when Paul Revere told a man in a church tower to tell him when the British were coming.
  • Forming of Congress

    Forming of Congress
    Thirteen Colonies formed the Second Continental Congress. Americans trapped the British and took control of a city.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson and others signed the Declaration of Independence which gave the Americans many rights from England.
  • Crossing

    Washington crossed the Deleware River and attacked the British. They surprised the British with a sneaky attack.
  • Camp

    Washington began to set up his camp near Valley Forge, Pennslyvania.
  • British Winning

    British Winning
    British under took a majar miliatary campaign in the southern states. King seized Savannah, Georgia
  • Americans Trying Their Hardest

    Americans Trying Their Hardest
    The Americans suffered deadly fights from the British in the south. Americans started to win, but they could not stop the British.
  • The End Of the War

    The End Of the War
    The last Battle of the Revolutionary War was in this month,. The Americans over came there weaknesses againt England and pulled out a victory in the war. England signed a peace treaty to end the war.
  • Americans Scared

    Americans Scared
    Britain was mainly srtonger than the Americans. The British were winning and the Americans were scared of being defeated.