Revolutionary Battles

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    Revolutionary Battles

  • Battle of Brooklyn Heights

    Battle of Brooklyn Heights
    was the first major battle in the American Revolutionary War following the United States Declaration of Independence, the largest battle of the entire conflict, and the first battle in which an army of the United States engaged, having declared it self a nation only the month before. Picture:The Delaware Regiment at the Battle of Long Island.
  • Battle of Kips Bay

    Battle of Kips Bay
    The flight of American troops was so rapid that George Washington, who was attempting to rally them, was left exposed dangerously close to British lines.
    Picture:British ships are attacking american ship on the bay
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Trenton took place on December 26, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, after General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River north of Trenton, New Jersey. The hazardous crossing in adverse weather made it possible for Washington to lead the main body of the Continental Army against Hessian soldiers garrisoned at Trenton. After a brief battle, nearly the entire Hessian force was captured, with negligible losses to the American
    Picture:American surprize and conqur
  • Battle of Bandywine

    Battle of Bandywine
    It was fought in the area surrounding Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and the Brandywine River. The battle, which was a decisive victory for the British, left Philadelphia, the revolutionary capital, undefended. The British captured the city on September 26, beginning an occupation that would last until June 1778.
    Picture:British overpower american troops
  • Battle of Germantown

    Battle of Germantown
    The British victory in this battle ensured that Philadelphia, the capital of the self-proclaimed United States of America, would remain in British hands throughout the winter of 1777–1778.
    Picture:Americans fall to Britian army in Philadelphia
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    The first battle began when Burgoyne moved some of his troops in an attempt to flank the entrenched American position on Bemis Heights. Benedict Arnold, anticipating the maneuver, placed significant forces in his way. While Burgoyne succeeded in gaining control of Freeman's Farm, it came at the cost of significant casualties. Skirmishing continued in the days following the battle, while Burgoyne waited in the hope that reinforcements would arrive from New York City.
    Picture:surrender of Burgoyn