Revenge of The Whale Timeline

  • Essex the mighty whaleship

    The Essex was getting preparing to set sail and go get some whale oil.The crew of the essex was preparing the whaling equipment.
  • The Essex sets sail

    On August 12 1819 the Essex set sailed.there captain was George Polard Jr.There first stop was the Azores Islands.
  • First Stop

    The Essex made thier first stop on island called Staten Island off the eastern tip of Cape Horn.Once they left Staten Island it took the Essex over a month to go aroung Cape Horn.
  • Restocking

    The Essex sailed more than a thouandmiles west of the Galapagos Islands.After stopping therento stock up on rpovision,including giant turtles.
  • The Essex gets Attacked

    The Essex already sailed more thana thousands miles west of the Galapagos Islands. A whale that was approximately eightly tons ramed the Essex and put a whole through it. The mighty Essex was sunk.The crew of the Essex abondoned shipn and seperated on three whaleboats
  • Stranded on the ocean

    Nickersons crew is stranded on the ocean and they are running low on supplies.They wereextremely scared that soon everyone would turn on each other
  • New location

    The members of the Essex arev currently on an island called Henderson.It was there seventh day on the island and there thrithy seventh day since leaving the wreck.The crew doesnt not want to leave the island because they want to make sure the whale boat was completely fixed.the crew also continued looking for water.
  • Mother Nature

    The crew of the Essex sailed into some very ruff weather.They were getting hit by very powerful gusts of wind.Thid borught the sailors spirits to ever reaching Easter island.The crew also ate all of their fish and birds.
  • Death At Sea

    Nickersons boat has lost sight of Chases boat.Also another crew member died and now the crew is deciding to eat the bodies or burying them.Now every time someone passed away they would gett eat. During this time they eat2 bodies in 4days.
  • Land-Ho

    Chase,Lawrence, and Nickerson arrived in Valparaiso,Chiles largest port.There are only 7 crew members left on Nickerson boat.