RestoMobile Timeline

  • Project Outline

    Main Objective: Develop a web application in order to replace restaurant physical lines with users’ cell phones so customers are able to circulate through the local surroundings while waiting. MKT objectives: Technical objectives:
  • Salon des Entrepreneurs (Paris)

  • First Meeting (CE & GM)

    Tutors: Christine Evain, Guillaume Moreau
    Project Team: Flavio Wuensche, Igor Gushiken, Rodrigo Gomes Principal topics discussed during the meeting:
  • Endless Work Day #1

  • Nantes Startup Weekend

  • Endless Work Day #2

  • Endless Work Day #3

  • Réunion d'Avancement (CE)

  • Remise des Prix MoovJee (Paris)

  • Réunion d'Avancement (GM)

  • Réunion d'Avancement (AE)

  • Endless Work Day