Renaissance Timeline L.A.,1

  • Period: 1095 to 1291

    The Crusades

    During The Crusades the Muslims and the Christians were trying to secure control holy sites.
    An effect that happened during the crusades were that it helped militarize.
  • Period: 1347 to 1353

    Black Death

    People thought the plague was from impure air caused the plague.
    During the black plague people thought the plague was a punishment from god.
    People responded to the plague by quarantine and wore plague doctor costumes, they also used flowers to remove bad smells.
  • Period: 1400 to 1495

    Early Renaissance

  • Period: 1434 to

    Age of Exploration

  • Period: 1496 to 1527

    High Renaissance

  • Period: 1517 to 1555

    Protestant Reformation

  • Period: 1527 to

    Late Renaissance

  • Period: 1543 to

    The Scientific Revolution

  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei made the first telescope. He made the telescope to observe planets like the rings on Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter.
  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal made the first calculator that can add and subtract, it can also do repeated addition. The way Pascal's calculator worked it by turning a dial.