Rehearsing Performance

By jhooker
  • Meyerhold's Magnanimous Cuckold

    at MAT's experimental studio
  • 18 Happenings in 6 Parts

  • Period: to

    The Living Theatre 2 (Collective Creation)

    The Connection (1959, Jack Gelber - felt improvization, deeply American); The Brig (1963, Marine-life); Mysteries and Smaller Pieces (1964); Frankenstein (1968); Paradise Now! (1968)
    In exile in Europe from 1963-1968; in prison in Brazil in 1971.
  • Period: to

    Judson Poets Theatre

    Al Carmines, Lawrence Kornfeld, collab with poets, artists, and dancers. Remy Charlips production of Ruth Krauss's A Beautiful Day (two line play). Charlip danced with Merce and was a choreographer; Krauss a children's book author and poet. (1965)
  • Oh! What a Lovely War!

    Dir. Joan Littlewood w/ Theatre Workshop at Theatre Royal Stratford East. On Broadway for 125 performance betw 1964 and 1965. Littlewoode described it as an "anti-group"...actors as producers. Dalcroze + Laban + Stanislavski + Commedia + creation of new repertoire.
  • What Happened?

    Collective creation proposed by Larry Kornfeld w/ Rainer, Childs, Aileen Passloff, Arlean Rothlein and Joan Baker with music by Al Carmines at Judson Church. Revived 5 times. 1963 Obie for best production, direction and music. Gertrude Stein text. Argued over.
  • Period: to

    Open Theatre

    Viet Rock (1966, by Megan Terry); America Hurrah (1966) and The Serpent (1969, both by Jean-Claude van Itallie)
    After disbanding the Talking Band, the Medicine Show Theatre, and Spiderwoman all formed.
  • Period: to

    El Teatro Campesino (Original Co)

  • Viet Rock & American Hurrah

    Viet Rock - Open Theatre's last La Mama show dir. by Megan Terry, successful but then bombed off-bway. First piece to be entirely created through the workshop/ensembel process. (early artistic response to the war.) American Hurrah much more successful -- a vanity piece by Van Italie which was playtext driven but BASED on some of Chaikin's exercises. Three short one acts, one of which chaikin directed. Where American Hurrah was taugh, scripted and professional; Viet Rock was loose, ironic, et
  • Period: to

    The Performance Group

  • Hair on Broadway

    Tom O'Horgan, director. Book made more realistic and upbeat. 13 songs added. But also incorporated nudity for the first time. 1st broadway transfer from the public and first non-shakespeare work.
  • Dionysius in 69

    dir. Schechner; ends w/ orgy based on Euripides The Bacchae
  • The Serpent: a ceremony

    combined Chaiken's workshop process, group devising methods of Terry, coolly distanced performance aesthetic of Levy, and a beautifully measured text by van Itallie. A meditation on biblical creation myths -- easily connected to Paradise Now and Dionysus in 69. But belonged not so much to Artaud but to Brecht...composed of a carefully arranged sequence of self-contained episodes, the central "action' of which the audience is asked to consider critically.
  • Paradise Now

    Constructed to include audience participation; a series of 8 rites, rooted in anarchist principles. In the "rite of Universal Intercourse" audienc members "made love, not war"...disrobing in an onstage writhing mass. The show climaxed with audience and performers going outside to retake the streets (if the perf. got that far).
  • Period: to

    Robert Wilson (Byrd Hoffman School of Birds)

    The King of Spain (1969); The Life and Times of Sigmund Freud (1969); Deafman Glance (w. Raymond Andrews, 1971) KA MOUNTain and GUARDenia Terrace (7 day play, 1972, Iran); The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin (12 hour silent opera 1973); A Letter for Queen Victoria (1974)
  • Period: to

    The Living Theatre 3 (back in the US)

    1970s - the Legacy of Cain...cycle of plays for nontraditional venues and social justic causes incl Six Public Acts; 1980s participatory theatre incl The Archaeology of Sleep. Julian Beck died in 1985.
  • Period: to

    Tadashi Suzuki (int'l recogniton)

    1972 Participation in Théâ tre des Nations Festival in Paris (artistic director, Jean-Louis Barrault) with“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅱ”; 1976 Opening of converted farmhouse theatre, Toga Sanbo in Toga village, 1982 Teaches the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at the Univerisity of California - San Diego; 1991 Founds SITI w/ Bogart; 1993 Forms International committee of Theatre Olympics with Theodoros Terzopoulos (Greece), Robert Wilson (USA), Yuri Lyubimov (Russia), Heiner Müller (Germany); etc.
  • Period: to

    Joint Stock

    Max Stafford-Calrk (dir), David Hare (writer), David Aukin (producer), and Wlliam Gaskill (dir).
    3 phase process...
    Hare's Fanshen; Howard Brenton's Epsom Downs; Churchill's Cloud Nine
  • Period: to

    TWG (w/ S. Gray)

    3 Places in Rhode Island: Sakonnet Point. (1975); Rumstick Road (1977); Nayatt School (1978); Point Judith an Epilogue (1979) Post-ascribed to the Wooster Group
  • Period: to

    Robert Wilson (European)

    Einstein on the Beach (1976); I Was Sitting On My Patio This GUy Appeared I Thought I Was Hallucinating (w Lucinda Childs, 1977); Death Destruction & Detroit (1979) ; The Civil Wars (1984); Hamletmachine (1986); Death Destruction & Detroit II (1987) ; 3 Musicals: The Black Rider (1991, with Tom Waits + Burroughs); Alice (1992), Time Rocker (1996 w Lou Reed); POEtry (2000 w Lou Reed)
  • Period: to

    Squat Theatre in NY

    Andy Warhol's Last Love
    Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free
  • Period: to

    TWG 2 (Ron Vawter)

    The Road to Immortality: Route 1 & 9 (1981, Our Town + Pig Meat Markum); L.S.D (...Just the High Points...) (1984, The Crucible + LSD); Frank Dell's The Temptaion of St. Anthony (1987, Flaubert's The Temptation of St. Anthony + Lenny Bruce (stage name-Frank Dell).
  • Period: to

    Brith Gof

    Michael Pearson & Mike Shanks
    Theatre Archeology; the Disabled Body
    Outgrowth of RAT Theatre with Richard Gough
    Could fit into Heddon + Millings actor centered category (from Grotowski), but also Politics (Welsh myth and nationalism), and also communities (work w/ disabled)
  • Period: to


    Simon McBurney; Lecoque-based collective creation company; 1983 Put It On Your Head (light, British seaside trips; group devised); More Bigger Snacks Now (1985, diff director, company created, comedy); The Visit (1987, adaptation of Durenmatt); 1997 Caucasion Chalk Circle (Frank McGuiness's adaptation); The Chairs (1997, Martin Crimp's Translation designed by the Quay Brothers); Mneumonic (1999, Company created); The Elephant Vanishes (2003 Company adaptatin of Murikami); Vanishing Points (2005)
  • Bogart's South Pacific

    Set in VA Mental War during Vietnam
  • Pina Bausch at BAM

  • Period: to

    Forced Entertainment

  • Kazuo Ohno at the Joyce

  • Period: to

    TWG 3 (W. Dafoe)

    The Emperor Jones (1993); Fish Story (video); The Hairy Ape (1995); North Atlantic revival (1999); To You, The Birdie (Phedre) (2001)
  • Period: to

    Reza Abdoh (Dar a Luz)

    Father Was a Peculiar Man (1990, multimedia 50 performer across 4 blocks in Meat packing district); The Law of Remains (1992); Tight Right White (1993); Quotations From a Ruined City (1994)
  • Period: to

    Elevator Repair Service

    1993-2006: found texts, anthing that wasn't literature; collage, etc.Language Instruction (1994; Andy Kaufman + Dutch Language cds); Cab Legs (1997; Cab Calloway + Bollywood + 50s love story; move away from sheer physical comedy to more emotional work); Total Fictional Lie (1998; Documentary Films);
    Room Tone (2003; Played w/ darkness; William and Henry James Texts); Gats (2004); The Sound & the Fury (April 7th, 1928) (2007); The Select (The Sun Also Rises, 2009)
  • Period: to

    Blast Theory (Brighton, UK)

    Explores interactivity & the social & political aspects of technology; early work closer to "theatre" but played with tension btw acting and being (Something American, 1996) w/carious layers of character, fiction and reality. Natural progression into video games, virtual reality, mobile technologies in later work: Can You See Me Now, 2001 Live Chase film/game. both live and virutal audiences. 1991 Gunmen Kill Three (promenade perf w/video, live reenactment);1998 Atomic Installation (interactive
  • Period: to


    Bogart and Suzuki; Viewpoints and SMAT; 3 components -- creation of New work, training, and int'l collab; Orestes (1992); Small Lives/Big Dreams (1994, Chekhov mashup); The Medium (marshall Mcluhan) (1993); Going, Going, Gone (1995, quantum physics); Culture of Desire (1997, Warhol, Consumerism, the Inferno); Cabin Pressure (1999; actor audience relationship; text from Meyerhold, Artuad, Stan, Brook, Brecht and interviews with Audience member);Bob (1997); Room (2000) Bobraushenburgamerica (2001)
  • Period: to

    Big Dance Theater

    1991 Sacrifice; 1992 The Gag; 1994 Lucifer Kicking All Night Long; 1996 Don Juan Comes Back From the War (Von Hovarth); 1997 Gas Heart (Tzara); 1998 Girl Gone (Wellman); 1999 A Simple Heart (Flaubert); 2000 ATT (Twain + recorded auditions); 2001 Shunkin (Tanizaki); 2002 Antigone (Wellman); 2004 Plan B (Nixon Tapes + wild child; Jenkin); 2007 The Other Here; 2009 Comme Toujours Here I Stand; 2011 Supernatural Wife (Euripides Alcestes); 2012 Ich Kurbisgeist (Kempson); 2014 Adam Smithee at BAM
  • Period: to

    Ex Machina (Lepage)

    [Needles and Opium set up groundwork for full company, 1991, his own narrative, Jean Cocteau and Miles Davis); The Seven Streams of the River Ota (1995 - 7-hour); Elsinore (1995); Zulu Time (2000, very little dialogue)
  • Period: to

    Gob Squad

    1994 House; 1998 What Are You Looking At? (durational performance w/ two-way mirrors); 2001 The Great Outdoors (explorers leave theatre w/ web cams to report back to audience); 2003 Super Night Shot; 2005 King Kong Club (audience as performers); 2007 Gob Squad's Kitchen; 2010 Revolution Now! 2012 Dancing About (first dance piece)
  • Period: to

    The Builders Association

    Marianne Weems; Globalization; Compression of time & space
    Ibsen's Master Builder 1994; Jump Cut 1997 (Faust o- Murnau's 1926 film + Jesurun's text); Jet Lag 1998 (w/Diller+Scofidio; Donald Crowhurst + the Travelling Grandma); Alladeen 2002 (w/Moti Roti; Outsourced Call Centers)
    Supervision 2005 w/dbox; House/Divided 2012 Grapes of Wrath with foreclosure crisis and reinvention of Master Builder
  • Period: to

    Rimini Protokoll

    Geissen University; The UNGUNSTRAUM project (1995-1998) - various site specific theatres about travel; 1999 Training 747 Performance Installation; 2000 Kirchner (Audiotours); 2002 Europe Dances (Performance w/ Guinea pigs observed through telescopes); 2005 Calla Cutta (see Shannon Jackson); 2010 Prometheus in Athens (lecture performance); 2011 The Horde (wireless mics)
  • Period: to

    Big Art Group

    The company uses the language of media and blended states of performance in a unique form to build culturally transgressive and challenging new works. Clearcut Catastrophe (1999, “Grey Gardens” + “Three Sisters.”); House of No More (2004, 3rd in trilogy of "real time film" works, juxtopose real with faked) SOS (2008, an investigation into the nature of sacrifice within a supersaturated, hyper-acquisitive society. Set in a forest of technology the unwinds through overlapping abstract narratives
  • Period: to

    Robert Wilson (the Canon)

    Woyzeck (2002, with Tom Waits); The Temptation of Saint Anthony (2003); Buchner's Leonce and Lena; Peer Gynt; Becket, Brecht, FAust, L'Orfeo, etc.
    ...Until...THe Life and Death of Marina Abramovic!!!
  • Period: to

    TWG 4 (Ari Fliakos)

    To You, The Birdie! Phedre (2002); BU! (2003 revival); Poor Theatre (2004); EJ(2005, revival); Who's Your Dada (2006); Hamlet (2007); La didone (2008); North Atlantic reivival (2010) Vieux Carre (2011); Troilus & Cressida (2012)
  • No Dice

  • Complcite Recent Work

    2008 - A Disappearing Number (Company Devised; about Math)
    2009 - Jun'ichiro Tanizaki's writing
    2009 - Endgame dir and feat. Simon McBurney
    2010 - A Dog's Heart (opera after Mikhail Bulgakov)
    2011 - Master and Margarita (adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov)
  • Blast Theory Recent Work

    Jog Shuttler (Participants can remix BT's VHS documentation of their work; for one participant at a time); I'd Hide You a game of "stealth" where three live players try to film one another without being film while online participants choose which player to ride along with while accruing points.
  • ERS Current Work

    Arguendo - Go Go Dancers Legal Case (looks like lecture performance; 2012 UTR); Shuffle (remix/mashup of three literary pieces); Sybly Kempson piece -- Ist Collab with Contemp. Writer.
  • TWG New Work

    Troilus & Cressida; HULA (staged recording of Shaker Spirituals perf. by Cynthia Hedstrom; Elizabeth LeCompte, Frances McDormand and Kate Valk); Murder in San Jose -- Candace Chong Mui-gnam's play about Chinese identity in the U.S.)