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  • First refrigerator

    First refrigerator
    American inventor Jacob Perkins made the first working vapor-compression refrigerator system.
  • Ice-making machine

    Ice-making machine
    American inventor John Gorrie invented an air-cooling machine originally to cure Yellow Fever.
  • Liquefied gas

    Liquefied gas
    Carl von Linde patented the process on liquefying gas and his invention became a basic refrigerator part.
  • First electrical refrigerator

    First electrical refrigerator
    Fred W. Wolf Jr. was the inventor of the first electrical refrigerator.
  • "Absorption Fridge"

    "Absorption Fridge"
    Swedish inventors Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters came up with an absorption fridge, or a fridge that use heat.
  • "Monitor-Top"

    The "Monitor-Top" fridge was the first to have worldwide use. It has a compressor that circulated vapor from gas to liquid then back.
  • Period: to

    Fatal accidents

    Fridges with vapor compression systems have had toxic gas leaks which cause fatal accidents.
  • Modern fridge production

    Modern fridge production
    After WWII, there has been a mass production for modern refrigerators with bottom-cooling systems.
  • Period: to

    Energy-efficient refrigerators

    People have started to focus on energy-efficient refrigerators and getting rid of chlorofluorocarbon to protect the ozone layer.
  • Period: to

    Internet to fridges

    Companies are making fridges with internet devices. LG made the first connected fridge and Samsung release models with Wi-Fi and cameras.