1965 24

Red Wing Flood History

  • Home Awash

    Home Awash
    One of the many Wisconsin Island homes completely flooded. Water stands to a depth of about three feet on the floors of this home. It will be many months before the musty smell left by the flood will be obliterated in these homes.
  • How Water Front Looks

    How Water Front Looks
    Red Wing’s picturesque waterfront and beautiful Levee park was one wide expanse of water today.
  • Operating As Usual

    Operating As Usual
    Although surrounded by water on three sides, the Northern States Power company steam plant here was in full operation. Flood gates are keeping out the water from the plant, which is built three stories deep into the ground.
  • Flooded Roads

    Flooded Roads
    Swollen flood water of Mississippi Pour over Island Road opposite Red Wing
  • Red Wing Marine Service Under Water

    Red Wing Marine Service Under Water
    The Mississippi flood offered plenty of water for swimming and fishing, popular Red Wing sports, but no one expected to take advantage of it. Red Wing Marine Service at Levee park, boat livery and angling paraphernalia service.
  • Water, Water Everywhere

    Water, Water Everywhere
    As far as the eyes could reach to the Wisconsin bluffs, water was everywhere. The Island residence, located just east of the high bridge, was completely surrounded.
  • Waiting it out

    Waiting it out
    Oscar Akenson, said he planned on “sticking out” the flood when Chief Eric Carlson attempted to evacuate him. As far as could be learned Oscar was still “sticking it out” at his partially flooded home today.
  • Northern States Power company

    Northern States Power company
    The Northern States Power company steam plant fought gallantly against river’s onslaught and was in full operation despite record flood.
  • Where Cars Left off and Ferry Began

    Where Cars Left off and Ferry Began
    Wisconsinites left cars along Highway 63 to board ferry to Red Wing.
  • The Great Flood of 1965

    The Great Flood of 1965
    A boat tied to the railroad tracks in front of the Milwaukee Road depot here symbolizes the Great Flood of 1965. On April 19th the river reached a record high of 20.85 feet.
  • The Local Huck Finns

    The Local Huck Finns
    Local “Huck Finns” inspect flood aftermath. Tim Meyer and Greg Erickson ride makeshift raft near Island Road.
  • Highway 63 Bridge 1965

    Highway 63 Bridge 1965
    Inundated Highway 63 as viewed from Barn Bluff. The Mississippi held the area in a vice-like grip.
  • One step at a time

    One step at a time
    Taking it one step at a time-with a precarious bridge leading from car to river bank, Bernett Buck, garage man worked to hook up a car of a motorist who ran off the Island Road during the river’s rise.
  • Here comes high water!

    Here comes high water!
    On the flooded Island, boats provide transportation.
  • 4/24/1979 River Level

    4/24/1979 River Level
    The Mississippi is up to 13.45 feet today, 1/2 foot below flood stage and a full foot above the level a week ago. The National Weather Service is sticking with its prediction of a crest of between 13 ½ feet and 15 feet depending on the amount of rainfall. April 26 the river crest reached 13.68 feet before falling.
  • Going after the big one

    Going after the big one
    Even though the Mississippi River is below the 14-foot flood stage at its present 12-foot level the area available for boaters and fishermen to maneuver is greatly expanded this spring. Here Bill Benson and Dale Husbyn shove off from Bay Point Park, where Levee Road has been replaced by the shore of the Mississippi River.
  • Water Levels

    Water Levels
    A sign at U.S. Lock and Dam 3 shows the high water mark from the record flood of 1965.
  • Engineers shore up a wall along Lock and Dam 3

    Engineers shore up a wall along Lock and Dam 3
    Workers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shore up a wall along Lock and Dam 3 as the Mississippi rises. In a 24-hour period, the river went up nearly 2 feet.
  • Highwway 63

    Highwway 63
    Traffic on Wisconsin Highway 63 moves into Red Wing as the water inches closer. Officials monitoring the flood believe the road will remain open.
  • A Canadian Pacific Railway inspection

    A Canadian Pacific Railway inspection
    A Canadian Pacific Railway inspection truck rolls along the only set of tracks that was not flooded near the Red Wing depot. Though Amtrak passenger service is still shut down, freight trains have started using the tracks again.
  • Highway 63 this year

    Highway 63 this year
    A truck’s reflection is seen in the flooded waters lining Highway 63, Monday April 4.
  • High Water

    High Water
    Warning signs about the rising water are scattered on 825th Street in Hager City.
  • View from Barns Bluff 2011

    View from Barns Bluff 2011
    The flooded Mississippi River as seen from Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Monday April 4.
  • Colvill Park

    Colvill Park
    The rising water covers part of the sidewalk and resting area at Colvill Park in Red Wing.