Reading Timeline 471

Timeline created by 702trupp
  • Birth

    I would not be reading if I was never born.
  • Learning Sounds

    Learning Sounds
    I remember sitting on the floor, and my mom showing me different flashcards. I would have to say the sound of the letter or letters together. Example: a; t; sh; ow; oh
    If I did the whole stack, my mom had to play Barbies with me.
  • Sounding Out Words

    Sounding Out Words
    The first memory I have was from sitting on a couch with my grandmother practicing sounds from Dr. Seuss's "The Cat and The Hat" book.
  • Story Reading

    Story Reading
    I would hear stories read to me from picture books from my kindergarten teacher and parents. My mom and I had a favorite she would read to me, "And The Dish Ran Away with The Spoon".
  • Chapter Books

    Chapter Books
    I started reading the Junie B. Jones series books. My mom and I would read a chapter every night before we went to bed. We would take turns reading pages.
  • Bud, Not Buddy

    Bud, Not Buddy
    I read "Bud, Not Buddy" in my fifth grade class and found a joy and fun in reading.
  • The Hobbit

    The Hobbit
    Was forced to read "The Hobbit" in 7th grade and suddenly had a dread and hatred for wasting my time reading.
  • Wattpad

    I found Wattpad in 9th grade and originally thought it was like a Netflix for books. Then I realized it was a place where people could write and post their own works without being published. I loved reading other peoples stories. I spent so many late nights staying up reading.
  • Twilight

    Finally got into another book series, and read the Twilight books. I was obsessed for a while. It was a stage. Team Edward always. But then I finished the series and did not find anything else for a while.
  • My Sister's Keeper

    My Sister's Keeper
    The most recent book I have read, "My Sister's Keeper". I could not put it down. But, I never actually finished the book. I knew someone would die, and someone would win. But if I didn't finish the book, then at least in my mind, the book never did end. And I can wonder about it for the rest of time. At least until I watched the movie. RIP.