Reading music

By jmn77
  • where to start?

    where to start?
  • What stave?

    What stave?
    You can tell which stave is the top one by looking at the symbols on the far left side of the stave! The top stave is above the bottom stave. The picture shows the symbol for the top stave. This is called a treble cleft!
  • First starting

    First starting
    When you first start to learn how to read music, you start of with the easiest notes. C, D,E and F. THe note of C is the lowest note we're going to learn. It sits below the bottom stave line. because it is supposed to sit on a line, the note is written with a line through it. This extra line is called a ledgerline.
  • D, E and F

    D, E and F
    The D note is the note right below the stave.
    The E note sits on the bottom line of the stave.
    F sits in the first space near the bottome of the stave.
  • Next look at the notes, G, A, B and C

    Next look at the notes, G, A, B and C
    As you can see the notes stop at the letter G and then go back to A. This means that each 'note' occurs many times, and in many places on a stave. We'll just learn the two most common for each note!
    The G is located on the second line on the stave.
    The A is in the second gapup from the bottom.
    The B is on the middle line of the stave.
    The C is sitting between the third and fourth lines.
  • The notes D-G

    The notes D-G
    The note of D is located on the second to top line.
    This note is an Octave above the other D note you learnt about. An Octave means it is the 8th note above the other note of the same name. For example the note of e is 8 notes above the other note of E.
    The high E is located betweent eh top two lines.
    The high F is on the top line of the stave.
    The high G sits directly ontop of the stave.