Reading Log Term 1

  • the ninjago Gabrielle Lord (99)

    I like when zane and jai killed the snakes
  • Conspiracy 365 October Gabrielle Lord (175)

    I like it when the dog ran after cam
  • maximum security (200)

    it is a cool book
  • The way of the samural (109)

    The book was really cool.There was four ninjas trying to get there hands on 1million dollers so they canhave lots of money with there boss.
  • Ninjago Gabrielle Lord (99) Term 2

    it was fun
  • The Pipe Alfred dunhill (200)

    it was cool.I like the author.there was six boys and two of them got sucked into the big pipe.One boy died in the pipe because there was a big strom and the water went rushing through the big drak pipe.
  • The Lord Of The Mountians (100) term 2

    There was boy named Tom.Tom has to fight the 5 lords of pain.He has kill the first lord of pain and that lord was the Lord of the Mountian.He has three eyes and they are red.The lord of the Mountian is the most week one of them all.
  • the rise of the guardian 200 pages Nifred dunhill term 3

    There was four guards trying to kill the bad guys so the world will be safe from evil.
  • night riders 200 pages Nifred dunhill term3

    There is a boy name Connor and his friends bike to wales and they meet a man and a gril and their sheep get shoot.Connor and his friend try o save the sheep.
  • Scooter tricks 200 pages Gabrielle lord term 3

    There was lots of people talking about how to do cool scooter tricks
  • iron man 2 200 pages Gabrielle lord term 3

    it was so cool I have to read more about it now