Reading Log 2013

  • Pig hunting (50)

    showing us guys their way at hunting and what kind of dears we got in nz and diffrent guns we take hunting.
  • Gosht stories (225)

    its about the ten best scary gosht stories ever that haunt people and make them have night mares
  • Dan Carter (255)

    the histroy about dan carter life and kicking
  • 1001 horrible facts 188

    all things are really nasty and horrible facts
  • Super Cross Arena (24)

    About racing and doing free style and about famouse people.
  • johnny whistler pg 200

    johnny whisler and the famous giant rubber
  • football fantasy pg 100

    kid that whants to be a perfonsialnal soccer player
  • football pg 100

    wants to be a perfonsialnal player
  • water pg 300

    story bout water and facts
  • golden prince pg 200

    sixteen years old great warrior king.