Rasile 2020 Vision

By crasile
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    2020 Tech Vision

  • Classroom connnectivity

    Using online resources, connect to classrooms and specialist from across the globe to expand students knowledge outside of their campus/town.
  • BYOT for JH

    BYOT initated at the middle school level, with technology being distributed to those on a daily basis for those who don't have access to personal technologies.
  • Online Class Access

    Lectures and homework should be posted online for access by students outside the classroom and when needed.
  • Paperless Campuses

    With the 1 to 1 initative and BYOT being implemented, paper should no longer be needed or dramatically reduced.
  • Student Technology Conference/Faire

    A student led techology/science conference for the students that will allow them to showcase projects that integrate technology.
  • Removal of rows of desk

    Pods should be used instead of linear lines of desk