Raphaella Revolutionary War Timeline

  • the French's seceret

    The French having lots of hatred for the British secretly sent weapons to the Patriots since early 1776.
  • Isolating New England

    The Briitish to seize New York CIty and stop rebellion, moved the war to the Middle states
  • British raille their men!

    Brothers General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe rallied up over 32,000 soliders, including thousands of German mercenaries, and soldiers who solely fought for money. They joined forces in Staten Isnad and sailed into New York. This was considered one of the largest British expeditionary force ever assembled.
  • Defeat in New York

    Washington railled up over 23,000 men, but was outnumbered but trained British soilders. The battle of New York ended in late August with an American retreat following heavy loses. In the book Michael Granham a Contential Army volunteer describes this event as very much chaotic.
  • Washington running out of time

    Washington running out of time
    In the late fall, Washington had already been faced many difficulties including losing a vast majority of his men, many either had been captured or killed others desserting the military. He had fewer than 8,000 men left, and the terms of their enlistment were due to end on December 31.
  • Washington risks it all

    Washington risks it all
    Washington desperetly needed a victory, on Christmas night he decided to riskk it all and take 2,400 men in small row boats across the Delaware River, facing a fierce snow storm and ice-chocked waters.
  • Washington and his men arrive

    When Washington and his men arrived after marching through 9 miles of snow and sleet, to Trenton, New Jersey. Washington ans his men attcked the Hessians as a surprise since they were mostly all asleep due to drinking so much rum the night before. Washington and his men killed aproximently 30 of the enemy and took 918 captive.
  • Washington suceeceding

    The Americans were railled up by another astonishing victory 8 days later against 1,200 British men stationed in Princton. Washington being very much porud and encouraged marched his men into a WInter Camp near Morristown, in northern Jersey.
  • British fight back!

    General Howe began his campign to seize the American Capital Philadelphia, as the muddy feilds began to dry up. Washingtons men tried to stop them but they were defated.
  • Victory in Saratoga

    Victory in Saratoga
    Massed by American troops surrounded Burgoyne at Saratoga, where General Howe surrounded his bettered army to General Gates.
  • Valley Forge

    During the winter of 1777 through 1778, Albigense Waldo worked as a surgeon at Valley Forge which was out of Philadelphia which was used as a Continental Army Camp.
  • French join War

    The French watching from the sidelines saw how the Patriots actually were beginning to have many victories decided to sign an alliance, or treaty of cooperations with the Americans, agreeing not to make peace with Britan unless they reconigized American Independence.
  • Washington and his men get help

    Friedrich Von Steuben q prussian Captain helped Washington and his men pay attention and learn tecniques. Making the Continetal Army stronger.
  • Reinforcments come in

    Marauis de Lafayette joined Washington and called for reinforcments in 1779 also leading a command in Virgina for some time.
  • British change stratagies

    After the British lost in Saratoga, they decided to move down south looking for loyalost support and help. Also changing their army strategies.
  • British has victory

    British now being southa and having much support take over Savannah, Georgia.
  • British begin to gain colonies

    After the British took over Savannah, Georigia began to rule over it again.
  • Generals get switched

    General Howe gets replaced by General Henry Cliton in New York and Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500.
  • Greatest Victory

    British captured Charles town, South Carolina and imprisoned approxomently 6,500 American soliders, Clinton left New York and let Charkes Cornwallis command his forces in the south.
  • Drama occurs between North and South Carolina

    British forces attacked the Patriots taking over Camden South Carolina, 3 months later British have forts all over South Carolina, later Britsh move north into North Carolina and patriots attacked and cut off all British communications.
  • African Americans a sucess

    General Cornwallis was very much sucessful with the help of many African Americans that ecaped slavery and went north.
  • French and Patriots join together

    The French ARmy with 6,000, land in New Port Rhode Island, Marcus de Lafaytte suggested that French and American forces join together to attack British forces at York Town.
  • British forced to surrendor

    Forces meet in Cowpens, South Carolina. British thought the Americans would flee but they fought back and forced the red coats to surrendor
  • British get harrassed

    Washington ordered Nathanael Greene, his ablest general, to march south with his group of a total of 600 soliders, and harass Cornwallis as he returned.
  • A plead for help

    Greene had weakend the British, but was very much worried. He wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for help
  • Cornwallis attacks

    Mad and mostly furious, Cornwallis attacked Greene later at Guillford Court House
  • Congress appoints superintendent.

    Due to many finacial problems and spending, Congres appointed a rich Philadelphia merchant named Robert Morris, as superintendent of finance.
  • Troops finally get paid

    Due to the new superintendent of finace, His associate was Haym Solomon, and jewish refugee from Poloand. Morris and Solomon begged and borrowed moneyon their persoanl credit to raise money to provide salaries for the Continetal Army, duw to their efforts the soldiers and Generals were finally paid in specie or in gold coin.
  • British surrendor

    The French and American surround British for 3 weeks, getting tired and being outnumbered the British, General Cornwallis surrendor.
  • British surrendor

    Near Vanktown, Virginia, the Britsh surrendor to the Americans changing history.
  • Acceptance of surrendor

    Washington and the french and troops accept the British surrendor.
  • Negociating

    British negociate peace with French, United States, Spain. The British did not want to agree to give US full independence. France was also nervous fearing that the US was getting too powerful. Spain wanted land between Appalachian Mountain and Mississpi river.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The delagates sign a treaty later becoming called The Treaty of Paris.