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Ranger Space Probe

By agb123
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    Ranger Space Probes

  • Ranger 1

    Ranger 1
    Ranger 1 was launched. The engine failed to restart, causing the satelite to fall back to earth. The earths atmoshere destroyed the satelite.
  • Ranger 2

    Ranger 2
    Ranger 2 was launched. The satellite once again entered the earths atmosphere resulting in failure.
  • Ranger 3

    Ranger 3
    Ranger 3 was launched. The satellites transistors did not work correctly, causing the satellite to miss the moon by nearly 37,000 km.
  • Ranger 4

    Ranger 4
    Ranger 4 was launched. The satellite lost power to the main computer. Without power the satellite drifted untill it crashed into the moon. Ranger 4 was unable to take any pictures.
  • Ranger 5

    Ranger 5
    Ranger 5 was launched. The satellite was unable to change between solar power and battery power. This caused the satelites batteries to die. Ranger 5 missed the moon.
  • Ranger 6

    Ranger 6
    Ranger 6 was launched. Ranger 6 impacted the moon just as NASA had planned. The tv cameras had a short circuit and was unable to take any images.
  • Ranger 7

    Ranger 7
    Ranger 7 was launched. During this mission Ranger 7 transmitted the first images of the moons surface.
  • Ranger 8

    Ranger 8
    Ranger 8 was launched. During this mission images were taken and returned to earth. Two cratters were named, Ritter and Sabine.
  • Ranger 9

    Ranger 9
    Ranger 9 was launched. This would be the final mission of the Ranger Space Probes. Rangers performance was excellent.