By Donkeys
  • First railwy company startedin NSW.

    the sydney railway company started building the first railway track in NSW between sydney and parramatta (a distance of 22 kilometres.)
  • First railway line

    in victoria the first railway line was opened between port melbourne and flinders street.
  • First railway in south australia

    This was between adelaide and port adelaide.
  • A railway set up in tasmania.

    this was 72 kilometres between the northern towns of launceston and deloraine.
  • First railway in western australia

    this was between lockville to yoganup.
  • First railway built in qld.

    This railway ran from ipswich inland to granchester using the narrow 1067 millimetre gauge.
  • The first government railway.

    this was between geraldton and northampton.
  • a railway set up between the northen teritory and pine creek.

  • in australian capital territory a railway set up.

    a 10km branch line opened between queanbeyan,NSW and canberra.