By RileyC
  • Proposal

    Asa Whitney presented to congress that there should be a railroad that spans from the mississippi to the pacific.
  • Period: to

    increased support

    Due to territories oregon, new mexico, arizona, and colorado. Then the discovery of gold in california. Led to increased support for the project.
  • Idea of railroad

    Idea of railroad
    Senator stephen douglas intoduced the idea of a his Kansas Nebraska act, which was intended to win approval for the railroad. North and South problems put a delay in that.
  • Congress approval for railroad.

    During civil war legislature enacted a bill that was passed which let the railroads be built by two comapnies, Union and Central pacific railroad companies.
  • Construction

    Union pacific- east to west from Omaha, Nebraska. Cnetral- west ot east from Sacramento california. Met at Promotory Summit, utah. Golden spike joined the two railroads.
  • Other Railroads

    Three additional railroads were constructed.
  • Other lines

    A fifth line was added to the Railroad called the Great Norhtern.