Railroad Timeline

  • The Steam Locamotive

    The First Steam Locamotive started in Charleston ,South Carolina
  • 2,800 miles of rail

    By 1840, more than 2,800 miles of rail were in operation throughout the east coast
  • 9,000 miles of railroad track

    By 1850,9,000 miles of railroad track was operational in the U.S.
  • Railroad milege tripled

    At this time construction was good and railroad milege tripled between 1850 and 1860
  • Railroad Networth

    This was the golden age of railroads. They used railroads to ship supplys for the Civil War at that time.
  • The First U.S. Transcontiental railroad

    The first coast to coast railroad was completed in 1869. It connected at Promontary Point, Utah and went to the Pacific coast.
  • Railroads in the Midwest

    Railroads had spread densely throughout the Midwest
  • New Contiental Lines

    By 1885 4 new Transcontiental lines joined the east and west coasts
  • 430,000 miles of track

    By 1930 the United States had almost 430,000 miles of track across the United States. By the early 1930s tne railroad companys have reached there peak.
  • Railroad plunge

    By the early 1970's railroad companys plunged, leaving 10 railroad companys in bank ruptsy. Everybody got a better deal traveling by flying or sailing at this time.