Raiders of the Lost Ark

By Pepper
  • South American Jungle

    South American Jungle
    In the spring of 1936 an exploration party penetrates thick jungle on the South American continent. When the group's leader stops to examine map fragments, another of the group pulls a gun. The leader, hearing the click as the turncoat cocks the pistol's hammer, pulls out a bullwhip and disarms the man, sending him fleeing back through the jungle.
  • Inside the Cave!

    Inside the Cave!
    Inside the cave are several traps rigged by the ancient people who hid a small, valuable statue there -- one of the traps is found to have impaled Forrestal. Jones finds the antechamber where the statue sits atop a pedestal and is protected by an elaborate system of pressure-sensitive stones that release deadly darts from the surrounding walls. He escapes with statue.
  • Escape, but Loses Statue!

    Escape, but Loses Statue!
    Seemingly safe, Indy is cornered by the Hovitos, the local tribe, who are led by Dr. Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman), an arrogant French archaeologist who is a longtime rival and enemy of Indy's. Indy hands Belloq his pistol and the idol. When Belloq raises the idol and the Hovitos bow, Indy flees and is rescued by Jock (Fred Sorenson), flying a seaplane, though Indy, an admitted ophidiophobe, isn't pleased to find Jock's pet snake Reggie in the cockpit with him.
  • Off to Nepal to Find Ravenwood, Ark Artifacts, but Finds Marion and Head PieceInstead!

    Off to Nepal to Find Ravenwood, Ark Artifacts, but Finds Marion and Head PieceInstead!
    The Army officers are concerned because they've intercepted a German about an archaeological dig in the Egypt. They found the possible burial site of the Ark of the Covenant .The Army men hire Indy to beat the Nazi's to the Ark. Indy needs his old teacher Ravenwood, who has been living somewhere in Asia. Indy learns he is dead, but his daughter Marion has the headpiece Indy needs. They become partners.
  • Cairo, Egypt and the Lost Ark!

    Cairo, Egypt and the Lost Ark!
    In a Cairo bazaar, Indy and Marion are attacked by sword-wielding Arabs and Nazi agents. Indy fights them off. Marion is trapped in a large basket and taken by two of the terrorists. The effort to track her down is held up by a man brandishing a sword in intimidating fashion. The swordsman is casually shot down in short order by a thoroughly unimpressed Indy. Marion is thought killed. Indy learns Nazis are digging in the wrong place. He is confident he can beat the Nazi's to the Lost Ark.
  • Indy Loses Ark, but Follows the Nazis!

    Indy Loses Ark,  but Follows the Nazis!
    Marion is kidnapped by the Nazis. Indy sneaks aboard Nazi submarine and follows them to an island. He is taken prisoner and allowed to watch an elaborate Ark opening ceremony atop the mountain. As the Ark is opened, but it contains nothing but sand. No sooner is it opened spirits appear. Indy, remembering an ancient code that requires people to close their eyes and not look at the spirits, yells for Marion to do the same. The two survive. The spirits attack killing the entire contingent.
  • Indy Finds the Ark!

    Indy Finds the Ark!
    Late that afternoon Indy and Sallah sneak a digging party of their own to the actual location of the Well of Souls. Late into the night they finally reveal the roof of the chamber, and to Indy's horror it is filled with dangerous snakes.They remove it and place it into a crate. Just after Sallah hoists himself out, the rope is dropped into the hole and Belloq appears with Dietrich. Belloq brags about again stealing Indy's find and how he'll seal him in the chamber to die.
  • Indy Claims the Ark, but It is Locked Away!

    Indy Claims the Ark, but It is Locked Away!
    Weeks later Indy and Marcus feud with the Army officers over the whereabouts of the Ark, Indy angry that the Army has no idea what it has in the Ark -- though it appears they in fact do understand what they have. However, the Ark is sealed in a wooden crate, stamped with a government serial number and simply wheeled into a large warehouse containing thousands of similar-looking crates.