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Queen Elizabeth: A Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1547

    Refused to Marry

    Refused to Marry
    Elizabeth refused a hand in marriage from Thomas seymour. Doing this shows that she believed in ruling herself, which was a new concept for the people of England. Doing so shows a value of independence for women, which was a mark of progress towards future equality of women. This act was clearly a trailblazing movement for future generations.
  • Jan 1, 1554

    Role of Savior for Many

    Role of Savior for Many
    Elizabeth is considered the icon of "New Faith," causing rebellions and uprisings without her knowledge of them. This was more of a momentous event for the nation than it was for Elizabeth. To explain, there were many who were considering this woman to be a savior, which was not common for women in that time. Viewing Elizabeth in that way shows a new perception of women.
  • Mar 18, 1554

    Prizoner of Tower of London

    Prizoner of Tower of London
    Elizabeth is sentenced to the tower because of queen Mary's suspicions. Despite the setback this may have been, it showed Elizabeth's strength to endure hardships. She was afraid of the tower becuase of her mothers past, but still she endured her fear. This was a personal moment for Elizabeth, I'm sure.
  • Jan 1, 1559

    Working Toward a Unified Church

    Working Toward a Unified Church
    The speech given to persuade clergymen into this idea of a unified church showcased Elizabeth in the role of a leader. She advised men while exuding english virtue. Showcasing her in this role helped her reach her goal of a unified church.
  • Jan 2, 1559

    Working Toward a Unified Church: Part 2

    Working Toward a Unified Church: Part 2
    Not only did this action showcase Elizabeth as a leader, but it also showed the nation that women have power as well. The example to show this is how she persuaded the clergymen, regardless of her gender. They may have questioned it, but they followed what she said.
  • Single, Despite Suitors

    Single, Despite Suitors
    After she became queen, Elizabeth remained single dispite all of the men trying to impress her. She did so for a multitude of reasons, but its the action that matters. Doing so showed dedication to her position as well as to her country.
  • Queen of Scotts Executed

    Queen of Scotts Executed
    Queen Elizabeth showed belief in herself in this action. Despite the fact that Mary was her cousin, Elizabeth knew of Mary's threat. Elizabeth signed her death warrant regardless of the family relation. This shows strength as well as confidence for Elizabeth personally. Overall it shows dedication to her Country.
  • Approaching Spanish Armada

    Approaching Spanish Armada
    In her speech to her country, the queen shows devotion which is a value that future monarchs tried to achieve.
  • Spanish Armada: Part 2

    Spanish Armada: Part 2
    In her speech, Elizabeth refers to herself as having a kings heart and stomach. This shows that women do not have any limitations when running a country.
  • Crowned Queen

    Crowned Queen
    After Queen Mary died, Elizabeth finally became queen.
    -This is a huge deal for her personally, as well as for the nation. She had survived so many setbacks including her father ignored her existence, being locked in a tower, house arrest, and her mothers death. Despite all of it, she still became queen in the end.