Revolutionary war fighting style

Qualeasha Wood Barratt Timeline(Revolutionary War)

  • Period: to

    French Weapons

    Bitter due to the French and Indian war, the French have been secretly sending the patriots weapons since 1776.
  • British Retreat from Boston

    British retreat from Boston, moving war to the Middle States. This was part of a grand plpan to stop the rebllion by isolating New England.To do so, the British decided to take New York City.
  • Period: to

    Sailing to NY Harbor

    Two brothers, General William Howe and Admiral RIchard Howe come together in Staten Island and sailed into New York with the largest British force ever assembled.
  • American Defeat in New York

    Washington was vastly outnumbered and had poor equipment. Michael Graham, a Continental Amry volunteer, described the defeat saying "It is impossible for me to describe the confusion and horror of the scene that ensued" the artillery flying...over the horses' backs, our men running in almost every direction.."
  • Period: to

    Washington's Army is Pushed Back

    By late fall the British push Washington's army across the Delaware River into Pennsylavnia.
  • Christmas Night

    Washington risked everything on Christmas Night, 1776. He faced a fierce snow storm, leading 2,400 men in rowboats across the icy Delaware.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton
    At 8 o'clock the men had marched nine miles into Trenton New Jersey. The Hessians who worked for the British were still asleep when the Americans attacked. The Americans killed 30 of the enemy and took 918 captives and six Hessian cannons
  • Contracts End

    Washington desperately neeeded a victory to keep his enlisted men from leaving. Of course he got them to stay with the victory of Trenton
  • Battle at Princeton

    Eight days after the Battle of Trenton the Americans beat the 1,200 British stationed at Princeton. They then marched on to Morristown.
  • Period: to

    Howe Sails for Philadelphia

    General Howe wants the American Capital in Philadelphia so he begins his campaign.
  • Fight for Philadelphia

    Continental Congress fled the city upon British arrival and Washington failed to block the redcoats. British take Philadelphia.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    Burgoyne a friend of Howe's set out to meet Howe at New York City to then take on New England. American troops surround Burgoyne at Saratoga where he surrendered his army to General Gates.
  • Valley Forge

    Washington and his Army stayed at Valley Forge camp.
  • Period: to

    Winter of 1777-1778(Valley Forge)

    Albignese Waldo was a surgeon at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, which was the Continental Army's campsite during the winter of 1777-1778. While Patriots ambushed homes and found comfort, the under dressed and shivering Patriots crowded together in makeshift huts in the freezing snow. Waldo describes a soldier, tired and worn with little clothing.
  • A Turning Point

    A Turning Point
    French and Americans sign a treaty, France vowes support to America.
  • European Allies Help Out

    Friedrich von Steuben helps out with shaping american troops into an effective fighting group.
  • Period: to

    British Shift their Operations

    British start to shift their opeations South.
  • Savannah, Georgia

    British easily take Savannah, Georgia.
  • Period: to

    Lafayette Asks for French Support.

    Marquis de Lafayette asks for French reinforcements after seeing Valley Forge
  • Period: to

    Georgia's Royal Command

    Royal Governer once again commands Georgia.(British)
  • Period: to

    Clinton and Cornwallis Set Sail

    General Henry Clinton replaces General Howe in New York, sails south along with General Charles Cornwallis with 8,500 men
  • Period: to

    French Reinforcments

    French Army of 6,000 men arrive in Newport after the British left to focus on the South.
  • Charles Town, South Carolina

    The British captured Charles Town,SC and marched 5,000 American soldiers away as prisoners of war.
  • Camden, South Carolina

    Cornwallis' army destroyed American forces at Camden.
  • British Accomplishment

    British troops have successfully established forts across South Carolina.
  • Battle At Cowpens

    General Morgan and his army met the British at Cowpens, South Carolina and forced the British to surrender.
  • Help!

    Greene wrote a letter to Lafayette needing help due to him worrying about the South although the British were becoming weak.
  • Financing the War

    Congress selected Robert Morris as superintendent of finance along with Haym Salomon.
  • Troops,FInally Paid

    Thanks to Morris and Salomon the troops were finally paid-in gold.
  • Battle at Yorktown

    Cornwallis surrenders after three weeks of fighting. The French fleet blocked Chesapeake Bay and 17, 000 French and American troops surrounded the British on the Yorktown peninsula.
  • Britain Surrenders

    Britain Surrenders
    American and French troops gather near Yorktown, Virginia to accept the British surrender.
  • Seeking Peace

    Representatives of: United States, Britain, France and Spain look for peace and negotiation;
  • Treaty of Paris

    Delegates signed the Treaty of Paris making America independent and setting boundaries for the country.