Pudges Quest to "The Great Perhaps" through Alaska

  • Pudge begins his journey

    Pg:5 (Introduction)
    Pudge begins his journey toward "Tthe Great Perhaps" by reading a quote out of one of his dads bigraphies. The quote was "I go to seek a Great Perhaps". Pudge transfers schools to culver creek and begins his quest in hope to find The Great Perhaps.
  • Pudge meets his Great Perhaps

    Pg: 14 (Conflict)
    Pudge meets Alaska for the first time. "the hottest girl in entire human history was standing before me in cutoff jeans and a peach tank top" It was in this monemt pudge falls in love with Alaska and begins his journey of hope to become great with her.
  • Pudge realizes his love for Alaska

    "It was right then...That i realized the IMPORTANCE of curves...I'd NOTICED curves before, of course, but i had never quite apprehended their significance."
    Pudge has now realized his disire for Alaska and Pudge has now stated his hope to becoming Great with her.
  • Pudge wants to know more about Alaska

    Pg: 21
    Pudge begins asking questions about Alaska and her love life, by asking these questions he is showing he is interested in her love life and wants to be a part of it.
    "So she really likes him?"
    Pudge hopes to be part of her love life, and wants to know if there will be an opening soon.
  • Pudge gets to know his Great Perhaps

    Pg: 55 (Rising Action)
    Pudge begins to regularily go to the smoking hole with his new friends at culver creek that accept him. By becoming friends with this group of people Pudge has the ability to become more emotionaly close to all of his friends, Including Alaska which he hopes to get to know even better "We grabbed Takumi and walked down to the lake, hiding behind a few trees"
  • Pudge sees something he wants

    Pg: 61 (Conflict?Rising Action)
    Pudge witnessed Alaska and her boyfriend, Jake kiss. This was an awkward time for Pudge because this is something he wants. "I felt like I should look away but I couldent" Pudge realizes that his fantasy of being Great with Alaska is unrealistic when he sees them kiss and his hopes of Alaska accepting him in a Great fassion start to dwindle
  • Alaska Accepts Pudge

    Pg: 76 (Rising action)
    Alaska approches Pudge and asks him to stay with her over Thanksgiving. Pudge hopes that by staying he will have the chance to be Great with Alaska. Alaska accepts Pudge in her life as more of a close friend by doing this.
  • Alaska and Pudge get so close

    Pg: 81 (Rising action)
    Pudge and Alaska become closer emotionaly and physically when they lay in the soccer field drinking wine. They almost come close enough to kissing, but not close enough. "And lying there, amid the tall grass beneath the star-drunken sky, listening to the just-this-side-of-inaudible sound of her rhythmic breathing...I thought it might be a fine time to say the Three Little Words" Pudge is ready to accept Alaska into his life and he hopes she feels the same
  • Alaska and Pudge break the barrior of Acceptance and his hopes are compleate.

    Pg:130 (Climax)
    "It was that quick. I laughed, looked nervous, and she leanded in and tilted her head to the side, we were kissing. Zero layers." Alaska finally accepts Pudge physically and emotionally, and Pudge's hopes become true. Alaska and Pudge are now Great
  • Pudge's hopes are shatterd.

    Pg: 139 (Climax)
    Alaska dies, forever seperating them from becoming Great ever again. Nothing will ever be the sme, and he will never be accepted by Alaska again.
  • Pudge learns to accept his feelings and Alaskas death

    Pg: 221 (Resolution)
    After a long emotional struggle with himself, pudge learns to accept his feelings and Alaskas death. He will never become Great with Alaska again, put it was in this moment he accepted it. "So I know she forgives me, just as I forgive her."