Publick occurances

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  • publick occurances

    This was published in boston by Benjamin Harris first published by the United States.
  • Boston News-letter

    Boston News-letter
    Tbis News paper was approved in Bostono by the government.
  • John Peter Zenger

    John was arrested for sellinig critism about the war that was happening at this time.
  • New York Tribute

    this was sold for 2 cents and was in the mid-1800's.
  • telegraph

    The telegraph made it harder to get the news story out from the battle sites because of the decoding and all of the defaults they had with this invention.
  • The Penny Press

    The penny press was sold for only a penny and was filled with news and advertisment.
  • Benjamin day

    the Benjamin day was the new york sun and was sold for 1 cent.
  • Nellie Bly

    Nellie Bly
    Nellie Bly waas the very first woman to become a famous joournalist in these times.
  • Yellow Journalism

    This was a certain news paper that was filled with hoaxes, altered photos, and also self promos.
  • Radio

    The radio was the first actual news cast that ever happend before the television started casting the live news.
  • Television

    The television has been taking other companys out of business since earlier 1940's because they have been producing the live news on the t.v and it took out the 2 main news casters which were the news-paper and the radio.
  • New York Times

    Henry Raymond was the starter of the New York times and this was created by him.