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    Key Events

  • The words 'Psychedelic rock' appears on the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS' business card

    This is the first known use of the term
  • Trips Festival

    The 3-day TRIPS FESTIVAL is held in San Francisco. Use of psychedelic drugs at the event is widespread. The multimedia festival marks the birth of a coherent S F psychedelic "movement".
  • The beach boys start working on 'Good Vibrations'

  • Beatles Relase 'Revolver' in Uk

  • Jimi kills Cream

    Supports cream in london
  • Rolling stones magazine founded

  • Jimi Hendrix burns guitar

    Jimi Hendrix performs at the Monterey International Pop Festival. At the end of his performance, he burns his Fender Stratocaster. “The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice,” Jimi said. “You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar. I’d just finished painting it that day and was really into it.” - See more at:
  • Jimi Hendrix releases Hey Joe

    It entered the top 10 in the Uk and was one of the kick starts to the pshychdelic era
  • Jimi Hendrix dies

    he overdoes on sleeping pills and dies in the hotel